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Exclusive : Moviepass – How some theatres killed a golden goose

For the beginners, Moviepass is a monthly subscription program that allows movie patrons to watch a movie daily for a throw away price of $90 per year. Considering a steal of a deal, most Telugu audience who watch movies regularly subscribed to Moviepass. This has had a significant impact on Telugu movie box office numbers lately.

Distributors Telugu360 talked to opine that there was a 20-30% bump in collections due to Moviepass. Movies such as Okka Kshanam, MCA, Hello had a significant bump due to Moviepass.

However Telugu360 has learnt that there has been misuse of Moviepass e-Ticket feature in a city in the East Coast and this has resulted in blockage of Moviepass in many non-branded aka local theater chains. As per sources, few local theatre managements and / or exhibitors bought 500-600 Moviepass subscriptions and have been buying tickets with those. Since few theatres have e-ticket option, they don’t need to be physically present to redeem the ticket. This was detected by Moviepass and currently all those local theaters were blocked. Thus , these theatres now became ineligible for not only e-ticketing feature but also Moviepass on its entirety

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