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Nara Rohit finally making it True


Young actor Nara Rohit did some sensible films in his career however the actor could not taste a big commercial hit in his actor. Due to his packed schedules the actor gain huge weight and whenever asked, he has been answering that he will lose weight soon. Rohit has been in plans to lose weight from the past couple years but it didnot happen. The actor is currently busy losing weight and he is already said to have lost 20 kgs. The actor’s lean look left many in surprise and he is busy preparing for his next film.

The latest news is that the actor will be finally flaunting his six pack abs for his next film which will be directed by a debutant Pavan Mallela. The movie will be an action entertainer and it will be shot in Norway. Regina Cassandra is the female lead and ARAN Media will bankroll the project. Rohit is all set to release the first look soon.

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Shamanthakamani Movie Review : Needs more glitter !

Shamantakamani movie Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5  

Spoiler Free Review : 

Two genres are safe bets for small and medium budget films in Tollywood currently. For past 4-5 years, the trend is that these two genres namely ‘Crime Comedy’ and ‘Horror Comedy’ [ with a dose of action] have proven to fetch minimum guaranteed revenues. Films such as ‘Swamy Ra Ra ’ ,’ Kshanam’, ‘Shankarabharanam’ (new) and ‘Keshava’ belong to the Crime Comedy category. Whereas ‘Prema kadha chitram’, ‘Rajugari Gadhi’,’ ‘Ekkadaki Potavu Chinnavada’ and ’Karthikeya’ fall under Horror Comedy.

Shamanthakamani belongs to the former. The story is woven around one crime episode and ensuing events are narrated, ultimately unfolding the mystery behind the crime.

Four individuals named Krishna (Sudheer Babu), Shiva (Sundeep Kishan), Karthik ( Aadhi) and a Car mechanic ( Rajendra Prasad) attend a party at Provotel pub located in Hyderabad city. Sudheer Babu, after the party realises that his Rolls Royce vintage car valued 5-crore rupees is stolen from the parking lot. C.I. Ranjith (Nara Rohit) investigates the case, probes the suspected attendees of the party. As the movie unfolds, Ranjith listens to each of the suspect’s (Sundeep Kishan, Aadhi and Rajendra Prasad ) version on what had happened that night. It is the Pre-climax and Climax that reveals the shocking facts and twists.

The story in this genre is thin, so the writers and the director should be able to build strong situations and characterizations to make the film engaging. Especially when the film has multiple unrelated threads (characters) which concur at certain point in the story. Director’s strengths are reflected in how well he/she can infuse entertainment and characterization in the limited scenes for each thread.

Shamanthakamani opens in an interesting fashion. The narration falls flat as it shifts to the flashback to establish the scenes which eventually lead to the main event. Sundeep Kishan as a tapori boy from Rajahmundry, Aadhi as middle class lover boy whose girl friend is an NRI from a rich family, a mechanic Rajendra prasad who falls in love with Indraja ( a vegetable seller); all three threads lead to Provotel pub to an ill-fated night filled with non-stop action. C.I Ranjith (Nara Rohith) is also part of the game unknowingly. First half ends where it has started – i.e. a vintage car has been stolen from a hotel parking lot.

As second half progress, the interrogation part is somewhat engaging. Each person involved narrates their version which matches with the evidences collected by the C.I. Climax scenes are good and different reflecting some creativity. In other words, Shamanthakamani offers something worthy only towards last scenes.

Director Sriram Adittya who also handled story, screenplay and dialogues could not do complete justice to any department. He was only moderately successful. Dialogues were pale in most of the segments.


The key strength of the film is in its cast and their performances. All youngsters did fine but Sundeep Kishan leads the pack in performance.His diction and ease in action is getting better with every movie. Sudheer Babu’s character demands portraying some sad moments which he handled well. Aadhi and Nara Rohith were fine and their roles are kind of fun oriented. Senior actors Rajendra Prasad and Suman were adequate. The two female actors Chandini Chowdary and Indraja had very limited scenes. They did decently for their part.


  • Performances of the artists
  • Better second half
  • Pre-Climax and Climax scenes
  • Sameer Reddy DOP
  • Manisharma Re-Recording


  • Poor First half
  • Comedy and Mother sentiment elements did not work out well
  • Mediocre Characterizations
  • Filler scenes could have been better

Shamanthakamani is a pretty mediocre Crime investigative film. If you are a fan of any of the four young heroes, you could watch it. Being a multi-starrer, the openings may be encouraging in domestic market. Overall, it could have been better.

 Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

Release Date : 14th July, 2017
Director : Sriram Adittya
Music Director : Mani Sharma
Production : Bhavya Creations
Cinematography : Sameer Reddy
Starring : Nara Rohit, Sundeep Kishan, Aadi Saikumar and Sudheer Babu

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Crisp Runtime, a huge advantage for Samanthakamani


With huge line up of films in Tollywood in the coming months, many small films are gearing up for release during this month. Young actors Nara Rohit, Sudheer Babu, Aadi and Sundeep Kishan joined hands for Samanthakamani which has been directed by Sriram Aditya. The recently released teasers brought good buzz for the film which is slated for July 14th release. Manisharma composed the music.

The movie’s runtime has been locked to be 130 minutes which is said to be a huge advantage for the film. Samanthakamani has been carrying good buzz and the industry response too has been quite positive. The movie will lock horns with Jagapathi Babu’s Patel SIR which has been aimed for Friday release. Bhavya Creations produced Samanthakamani which has been made on a budget of Rs 10 crores.

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Working on ‘Shamanthakamani’ competitive, fun, say its heroes

Actors Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan and Aadi say working on forthcoming Telugu multi-starrer crime-thriller “Shamanthakamani” was fun and at the same time kept the competitive spirit in them alive.

Directed by Sriram Adittya, the film’s story is centered on a car and it features Sudheer, Sundeep, Aadi and Nara Rohit in the lead.

On the experience of working together with three more heroes, Aadi said all of them have equal screen space.

“It never bothered us who will have more screen space. Each character has its highs and lows and there are plenty of moments for each of us to shine. Instead of worrying about whether each of us will have ample screen space, I was more concerned about my character,” Aadi told IANS.

He wanted to be sure of whether he can do justice to his character.

“I had to be sure if it was a suitable character for me. I remember asking Sriram if this is what he wanted me to do because I wanted to be sure if I can deliver. By bringing us together, I believe we only became competitive,” he said.

Sudheer Babu says it’s a script written for the characters and not for heroes.

“When you try and place a hero in a certain character, you will find it challenging. This is a script written for the characters and not for the actors. When Sriram approached me with the script, I wanted him to choose the role that he thinks would be apt for me,” Sudheer said.

Last seen in “Baaghi”, Sudheer did initially feel apprehensive about the idea of a multi-starrer at this stage in his career.

“After ‘Bhale Manchi Roju’ and ‘Baaghi’, where I had scope to shine individually, I asked myself why a multi-starrer now. I wondered if the idea will work. But when I heard the script, I was totally blown away,” he said.

Sundeep said each of the characters has a purpose in the film.

“Each one of us knew what is expected of our character. We had a ball working together because all of us have been friends for a long time. There was absolutely no room for ego on the sets,” Sundeep said, adding the camaraderie between them was quite evident even off the sets.

Sundeep added, “All of us will gain something from this film.”

Produced by Bhavya Creations, the film is slated for release on Friday.

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NBK to promote Shamantakamani


Nandamuri Balakrishna is on a break after wrapping a long schedule for Paisa Vasool in Portugal. Occcupied with his political engagements, the actor will shoot back for the film from July 10th. Directed by Puri Jagannadh, Paisa Vasool will hit the screens during Dasara. The latest update is that Nandamuri Balakrishna will attend the grand pre-release event of Shamantakamani which will take place on July 3rd in Hyderabad. Directed by Sriram Aditya, Shamantakamani features Nara Rohit, Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan and Aadi Saikumar in the lead roles.

Balayya gave his nod to participate in the event and Shamantakamani is all about the robbery of a Rolls Royce. The trailer which has been out recently received thumping response from the audience all over. Manisharma composed the music and V Anand Prasad bankrolled Shamantakamani on Bhavya Creations banner. The movie has been aimed for mid July release.

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Shamantakamani Trailer: Interesting and Entertaining

Shamantakamani Trailer

Young actors Nara Rohit, Sundeep Kishan, Aadi Saikumar and Sudheer Babu joined hands for a multistarrer titled Shamantakamani. Young director Sriram Aditya directed the movie which completed shoot. The makers unveiled the theatrical trailer of the film which has been completely impressive. The trailer has been interesting and entertaining with perfect star cast. Nara Rohit surprises as a cop with the twist in the end. Shamantakamani is all about the robbery of a luxurious car Rolls Royce named Shamanatakamani.

The trailer looks promising and it has all the ingredients to impress the audience. Young actors Nara Rohit, Sundeep Kishan, Aadi Saikumar and Sudheer Babu have been waiting for the big break and they believe that Shamantakamani is it. Made on a massive budget, the business of the film has been closed and the makers are in plans to release the movie during July. Manisharma composed the music and Sameer Reddy is the cinematographer. Bhavya Creations produced the movie.

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Rohit 2.0 – Sheds more than 20 KG’s

Nara Rohit came a long way since he had made his debut with ‘Baanam’. With impeccable dialogue delivery being his major strength, he has improved his weak areas such as comic timing, expressions, dances etc. over the years. If there is any drawback still left in him, it has to be weight issues.

Over the years, Rohit has never looked in shape. In some movies, he sported too much flab that his alleged negligence received criticism from every corner. It seems that Rohit has taken the criticism to his heart and has started hitting gym with vengeance in order to lose those extra kilos.

Rohit has been working out rigorously for around six months now. Besides spending over three hours daily in gym, he has been following a strict food regimen. He has lost almost 20 kilos now and the result of his hard work can be clearly seen in his latest photographs.

On work front, Rohit is eagerly awaiting the release of ‘Kathalo Rajakumari’ and ‘Shamanthakamani’, both films will be releasing very shortly. He has ‘Pandagala Digi Vachadu’ and ‘Veera Bhoga Vasantharayalu’ in pipeline. We can Rohith’s version 2.0 in these upcoming films.

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Most awaited Multistarrer Release Date


Young director Sriram Aditya who scored a decent hit with Bhale Manchi Roju managed to convince young actors Nara Rohit, Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan and Aadi for his next movie Shamantakamani. The entire film’s shoot has been wrapped up recently and the teaser has been receiving wide response from the audience. The movie has been made on a budget of over Rs 20 crores and the post-production work is currently on cards.

As per the update, Shamantakamani is all set for July 14th release and Rajendra Prasad, Suman, Indraja, Chandini Chowdary, Ananya Soni, and Jenny Honey will be seen in other crucial roles. Top technicians like Manisharma and Sameer Reddy worked for the movie which has been produced by Bhavya Creations banner. The interesting thing is that Sundeep Kishan’s Nakshatram which has been directed by Krishna Vamsi too has been slated for the same day release.

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Shamantakamani Teaser: Interesting Multi-starrer


Young actors Nara Rohit, Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan and Aadi joined hands for a multi-starrer titled Shamantakamani. Sriram Aditya who made an impressive debut with Bhale Manchi Roju is helming the film which completed entire shoot. Touted to be a thriller, the makers released the first teaser which looks colourful. With some interesting cast and proved technicians on board, the glimpses of Shamantakamani teaser raises the expectations for sure.

Manisharma’s background score need to be mentioned specially. Shamantakamani is aiming at July release and all the lead actors are expecting a huge break with the film. Rajendra Prasad, Chandini Chowdary, Ananya Soni, and Jenny Honey essayed other crucial roles in Shamantakamani which has been produced by Bhavya Creations. V Anand Prasad is the producer.

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Mega girl to romance Nara Rohit


Mega girl Niharika Konidela, who made her silver screen debut last year with Oka Manasu, is yet to be seen in her second Telugu film. Despite bagging brownie points for her endearing performance, the young starlet failed to bag offers in Tollywood. She is currently busy shooting for a Tamil film which has Vijay Sethupathi in the lead role.

According to the latest reports in DC, Niharika has signed her second film in Telugu in which she will share screen space with Nara Rohit. Pavan Sadineni of Prema Ishq Kadal fame is going to wield the megaphone for this film which is tipped to be an unconventional romantic drama. It is learnt that both the actors are impressed with the narration and agreed to come on board for the project.

The cast and crew details of this film will be announced shortly.

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4 Months hardwork for a Scene that lasts for 4 seconds


Young actor Sudheer Babu made his debut as brother-in-law of Mahesh Babu however he proved his acting skills and gained enough recognition in Tollywood. The actor is eagerly waiting for the big break and is working hard on his next projects. Sudheer Babu teamed up with Sriram Aditya for a multi-starrer in which Nara Rohit, Aadi, Sundeep Kishan will play the other lead roles. The regular shoot of the film started recently and is being made on a massive budget.

Sudheer Babu has been working on his abs from the past four months for a scene that lasts for less than four seconds. This alone shows his dedication and passion for cinema. The scene will be shot tomorrow and Sudheer Babu took twitter to reveal about the news. V Anand Prasad is bankrolling this project and the makers revealed that the film is a trendsetter in Telugu cinema. Ananya Soni is the female lead and Rajendra Prasad will be seen in a crucial role in the movie.

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Kathalo Rajakumari Teaser: All about Love and Revenge


Young actor Nara Rohit owes a massive hit for Tollywood. All his recent innovative attempts have been badly rejected by the audience and he is all set with his next movie titled Kathalo Rajakumari. Directed by Mahesh Surapaneni, Kathalo Rajakumari features Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya, Namitha Pramod and Nanditha Raj in the lead roles. The movie is said to be a romantic thriller which completed the entire shoot. The first teaser of the film has been revealed which is all about love and revenge.

Rohit has been showcased in two completely new looks in the movie and he reveals about his love and all about the revenge to be taken on his love. Naga Shourya plays a crucial role in the movie and Kathalo Rajakumari has some emotional drama which is touted to be the major highlight of the film. Busy with the post-production work, Kathalo Rajakumari is all set for June release this year. Aran Media along with Aarohi Cinema and Srihaas Entertainments bankrolled this prestigious project.

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Nara Rohit’s Veerabhoga Vasantharayulu


Young actor Nara Rohit has been signing interesting films and he is quite keen in multi-starrers. After a series of commercial failures the actor is shooting for a multi-starrer in the direction of Sriram Aditya in which Sudheer Babu, Sundeep Kishan will be essaying other lead roles. The actor is said to have signed one more interesting film which is also a multi-starrer. The movie has been titled Veerabhoga Vasantharayulu and will start rolling from the last week of May.

Nara Rohit, Sri Vishnu, Satyadev and Shriya Saran will play the lead roles in this film which will be directed by Indraneel R. The whole unit has been extremely impressed with the plot and will be produced by Bellana Appa Rao. Nara Rohit is working hard to bounce back with a blockbuster. Veerabhoga Vasantharayulu will release later this year.

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Appatlo Okadundevadu Review : A Good Attempt


Appatlo Okadundevadu Review, Nara Rohit Appatlo Okadundevadu movie review

Appatlo Okadundevadu Review, Nara Rohit Appatlo Okadundevadu movie review


Periodical films are a rarity in Tollywood. Telugu filmmakers do not show interest in dealing with a serious subject. Formulas and calculations come in the way of making a good attempt. Sometime back Nara Rohit made good attempt with Banam. Banam came without comedy track, item songs and only story played important role. Same is the case with Pratinidhi. Now he selected a critical subject with Appatlo Okadudevaaadu. Let us see whether he reached his target.


Railway Raju (Sri Visnu) loves his mother, father and cricket. He works hard to realize his dream of becoming a star cricketer. Even his coach supports him. He loves Nitya (Tanya Hope) dearly and even she loves him. Imtiaz (Nara Rohit), encounter specialist hates naxalites as he lost his parents in naxal attack. From then on he is on a mission to wipe out naxalites and will even go to the extent of breaking the rules.

Raju owes some money to Bhagawan Das (GV) a local rowdy and he kidnaps Nitya as he fails to repay his debt.In a scuffle, Baghawan Das gets killed at the hands of Raju. Raju’s sister many years back joins Naxal moment. Imtiaz trains his guns on Raju on this pretext suspecting him of having links with naxalites. This results in Raju losing everything in his life. How Raju takes revenge forms rest of the story.


The film is set in the backdrop of 1992-1996 in Hyderabad. Naxal movements used to be in full swing and globalization effects started having its influence. The way director related both of them ta a young man’s dream of becoming a star cricketer made good impact. However director made a good choice by not indulging in lecturing on naxalism, globalization, privatization etc.

He prepared viewers taking them into a story involving a honest police officer who focus on the mission rather than the path to be travelled and also about the youngster who loses everything without his fault. Though film started slowly it helped viewers to get connected to all characters with Raju’s life highlighted and the naxal link. Story picks pace with the entry of Nara Rohit’s entry.

Viewers get sad the way cricketer turned criminal and the way he rose to a gooda and dada. Viewers however get impatient with some routine scenes in between as drama is missed between Nara Rohit and Sri visnhu. However the film comes back to track with Nara Rohit entering just 30 minutes before the climax.

Director gives new twist and keeps the audience engaged. Director keeps the views hooked with his story, screenplay and direction. Story has no hero and villain but only circumstances turned them villains or heroes. Unnecessary songs, some dragging scenes, slowed the pace f the film. However director’s focus on the main theme attracts all. He gave the film a thriller look without inserting forced comedy and item songs.


Doing such films is a huge risk but Nara Rohit is always in the forefront to take such risks. He even turned producer showing confidence in the story. Nara Rohit attracted with his trademark performance as Imtiaz. His base voice became strong point for the role. Though he looked bulky as usual, it didn’t come in between his performance. Sri Visnu attracted with his performance showing right kind of emotions as a person who lost life and turning gangster and then carving for a happy life. Ajay and Rajiv Kanakala appeared in small roles. Brahmaji got full length role and did full justice. There is nothing to talk about the heroine Tanya Hope.


Songs will not fit in such films. If songs should have place, they should come with good tunes. Sai Karthik failed in this and songs acted as speed brakers. Background score is terrific. Rerecording elevated the scenes. All the dialogues are natural without any forced philosophy. Director Sagar K Chandra made a honest attempt rather than select safe genres like love stories or mass films. Though the film had its drops in between, minuses are not visible due to strong content. Emotional climax added power to the story.


Appatlo Okadundevaadu many not create sensation but is a good attempt. It is difficult to predict box office result now itself as Telugu viewers are reputed to reject good films like Manamanta. The film takes viewers to 20 years back from the routine films.

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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Jyo Achyutananda Movie Review


Jyo achyutananda Review , Jo Achyutananda Review

Telugu360 Rating:3/5

Talented actor and director Srinivas Avasarala made an interesting and impressive debut with Oohalu Gusagusaladey in the past. He is now back with his second film Jyo Achyutananda, which features young actors Nara Rohit and Naga Shourya in the lead roles. Regina Cassandra is the female lead and Kalyana Ramana composed the music. The trailer received exceptional response and raised the expectations on the film. Produced by Vaarahi Chalana Chitram, Jyo Achyutananda released all over today. Here is the complete review of the movie:

Jyo Achyutananda is the story of two brothers Achyut (Nara Rohit), Anand (Naga Shourya) and a girl Jyosthna (Regina Cassandra) who happens to be a tenant in their home. The brothers evince interest in Jyosthna however she tricks them with a friendly reply every time the brothers try to impress her. She moves to USA for her higher studies and during this time the brothers get married to their relatives. It is after five years, Jyosthna returns back to the country and the rest of Jyo Achyutananda is all about how they react meeting their ex-girlfriend. Watch Jyo Achyutananda to know about the rest.

The best thing is Srinivas Avasarala’s films is that the things get framed and presented quite naturally. The first half of the film has real fun with some stupendous one-liners throughout. The bonding between the brothers is quite natural and convincing. The songs are decent and they are placed well. The way the story is narrated looks extremely convincing. On the whole the first half of Jyo Achyutananda seemed extremely innovative and impressive.

The second half of the film is decent for the first half an hour however it takes an illogical path later. The slow pace makes the audience feel bored during the mid of the second half. Some of the episodes are dragged completely. The dialogues are the major strength of the film and the climax is decent. On the whole the second half dips down at parts but ends up decent finally.

Nara Rohit is impressive as Achyut and he is shown with enough variations and the actor excelled in the emotional episodes well. He revealed that he lost 11 kgs but it is not visible on screen. He looked massive in most of the episodes. Though it is tough to watch him as a solo actor, he has been decent in the role as he enacted elder brother of Shourtya. Shourya did a good job and he is the perfect choice for the role of Anand. Regina is gorgeous and her stunning screen presence and her outstanding performances needs special mention. All the other actors did their bit.

The story of the film is fresh and unique. The screenplay and the dialogues are penned well. The cinematography is the major highlight and the movie is presented in a colorful way within the availed budget. The music is decent and the background score is elevating. The editing is crips and the production values are good. Srinivas Avasarala once again comes out with a convincing feel good drama that will impress the multiplex audience big time.

Final Word:
Jyo Achyutananda is one of the clean and fun movies in recent times. With 2 hr 5 mins crisp run time, this movie appeals to class audience. The movie would have been better if a special care has been taken on the last half an hour, which tests the patience of the audience. On commercial aspects, Jyo Achyutananda will do well across the A centres and will connect well to multiplex audience. Kudos to Srinivas Avasarala for a clean and engaging film like Jyo Achyutananda.

Telugu360 Rating:3/5

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Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Live Updates , Review


Raja Cheyyi Vesthe Review

8:07 AM : Average movie with superb twists post interval.. First half should have been more engaging.. Tarak is good in his new avatar, very good screen presence.. Pradeep Chilukuri has done a decent job overall.. Rohit should be appreciated for his script selection.

7:50 AM : Climax shot in an interesting way… All victims of Manik helping hero..

7:30 AM : Tarak Ratna’s new avatar will establish him in TFI if he chooses to continue these kind of roles.. He must improve his dialogue delivery though

While you wait, look at exclusive article fresh out of press : Bluesky Cinemas to release ‘Supreme’ overseas

7:25 AM : Raja vows to help to kill Manik… mind games between Raja and Manik..

7:20 AM : Emotional flash back.. Very well shot !

7:10 AM : The complete story behind who’s enticing Raja to kill Manik has been revealed.. Superb twist.. Amazing screenplay..

7:05 AM : Very gripping scenes after the interval, Raja is being forced by unknown person to kill Manik

6:55 AM : Hero receives a courier from the director/producer he writes the story for , Very interesting twist in the story.. Interval !

6:50 AM : Production values are good so far, though low budget , doesn’t look like one

6:50 AM : Hero emails his love story to the producer/director, Hero gets a response from the director/producer asking for an action story instead of love story.. Hero writes an action thriller for him

Story is very different from routine so far

6:40 AM : Hero proposes to heroine, Time for 3rd song “Raja cheyyi vasthe” title song..

6:35 AM : Hero tries to impress heroine, comedy scenes should have been slightly better

6:30 AM : 45 minutes into the movie.. No direct or indirect conflict between hero and villain established yet

6:25AM : Hero begins writing a love story for a producer,His own love story on screen as story Nice screenplay !

Time for 2nd song… Yevvare nee premaku

6:10 AM: References to NCBN and TDP: Heros friend to another friend abt hero – arey valla pedda nanna ni adugu.. Boledanni cycles istaaru

6:08 AM: Isha Talvar aka Chaitra introduced.. Hero and heroine in the restaurant.. Hero narrating his movie story to heroine… whole restaurant is listening to the story and applaud at the end..Gripping narration so far.

5:59 AM: Nara Rohit aka Raja.. Time for first song..

5:57 AM: Nara Rohit introduced on the bike shot used in posters.. Rohit is a wanna be movie director

Another exclusive to kill time : Dil Raju furious regarding Brahmotsavam nizam rights

5:53 AM: Tarak Ratna aka Manik is a ruthless and notorious professional killer.. Everybody including the police dept knows abt his murders but can’t arrest him because nobody dares to be a witness to the crime..

5:40 AM: Tarak Ratna introduced as a middle class man who comes to the vegetable market. He is a professional killer who comes to the market as common man to kill the vegetable market chairman.

While you wait, look at exclusive article fresh out of press : Bluesky Cinemas to release ‘Supreme’ overseas

5:40 AM: #Show time

Raja Cheyyi Vesthe movie is directed by debutante Pradeep and produced by Sai Korrapati under Varahi Chalana Chitram banner.Nara Rohit and Isha Talwar are playing the lead roles in the movie. Screenplay of Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, which is based on mind game between Hero & Villain is said to be highlight. Nandamuri Taraka Ratna is playing Villain Role in this film is another highlight.

Debutante director Pradeep Chilukuri’s technical brilliance is talk of the town in Tollywood. Heroine Isha Talwar earlier impressed all with her performances and looks in Gunde Jaari Gallantayyinde and Maine Pyar Kiya movies. Sai Karthik has given melodious tunes for the film. Sai Korrapati, known for producing tasteful films,tried his best to make this movie with high quality.  This movie is Nara Rohit’s third release in 50 days span,touted in a lighter vein as Nara Vs Nandamuri movie because  Nara Rohit,Taraka Ratna are playing Hero and villain roles respectively.

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Srinivas Avasarala ropes in two young heroes for his next


Actor turned director Srinivas Avasarala, who made his directional debut with the cute romantic entertainer Oohalu Gusagusalade, will soon be directing a film which is titled Jo Achyutananda.

Telugu360 has exclusively learnt that Srinivas has roped in talented youngsters Nara Rohit and Naga Shaurya for the leading roles in the film. Sai Korrapati of Varahi Chalana Chitram will shepherd this project which is likely to go on floors very soon. Touted to be a comedy caper, the music for the film will be composed by Kalyan Koduri.

Nara Rohit is currently working for a bunch of his upcoming films and Naga Shaurya has recently wrapped up two films. Avasarala Srinivas is now shooting for Nithiin’s A..Aa. The regular shooting of Jo Achyutananda will roll out once they are done with these films.

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When will Nara Rohit sleep?


The over enthusiastic PR team of Nara Rohit has sent a press release yesterday stating that the young hero is shooting in Ramoji Film City for two films. Since it is the same location the actor is apparently is working for director Pradeep in a Varahi production Raja Cheyyi Vesthe, the shoot begins at 6 am. By 6 pm the press release says Rohit goes to work to the sets of ‘Savitri’ being directed by Pawan Sadhineni and works till 6 the next morning . The note adds a word or two on the dedication and passion of the actor. Nara Rohit’s film Raja Cheyyi Vesthe’s shoot is in progress but a heroine is yet to be finalised.

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Nara Rohith – Nanditha’s ‘Savithri’ is a Complete Family Entertainer


Nara Rohith has been making a name for himself as an actor who loves to experiment with new kinds of stories and characters. He is now busy with the shooting of ‘Savithri’, which has Nanditha as the heroine.

The movie is being directed by Pavan Sadineni, who gained acclaim for his debut film ‘Prema Ishq Kadhal’. According to the director, ‘Savithri’ is a complete family entertainer that will have ample commercial elements. “Nara Rohith’s look and body language will have a lot of freshness in this movie”, says Pavan Sadineni.

The movie is being produced by Dr. B.V. Rajendra Prasad on Vision Filmmakers banner. “The first schedule has been completed successfully. We are going to start the second schedule from November 18th in and around Eluru. The film is being made with high technical values and we are looking to release the movie in early 2016. Nara Rohith and Nanditha’s combination is a great asset for our movie”, said Dr. B.V. Rajendra Prasad.

Cast and Crew :
Nara Rohith, Nanditha, Posani Krishna Murali, Murali Sharma, Ajay, Ravi Babu, Jeeva, Vennela Kishore, Satyam Rajesh, Srimukhi, Dhanya Balakrishnan, Madhu Nandhan, Shakalaka Shankar, Prabhas Sreenu and others.

Music – Shravan

Dialogues – Krishna Chaitanya

Editing – Goutham Nerusu

Cinematography – Vassanth

Fights – Dragon Prakash

Story – Screenplay – Direction – Pavan Sadineni

Executive Producer – Jabilli Nageswara Rao

Producer – Dr. B.V. Rajendra Prasad.

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Nara Rohit’s Savitri moves to Eluru


Talented young actor Nara Rohit is the busiest actor in Tollywood at present and is juggling between different projects. Savitri is one of his upcoming films and the regular shooting of the film is progressing at a brisk pace from the past few weeks.

The fresh schedule of the film will kick start from tomorrow in Eluru. Some key scenes featuring the principal cast will be canned in and around the locales of Eluru. Pavan Sadineni of Prema Ishq Kadal is directing the film and Nanditha is playing Rohit’s romantic interest in the film.

B. Rajendra Prasad of Vision Film Makers is funding the film and Shravan is scoring the tunes.

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