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Panabaka Lakshmi all set to leave TDP

TDP in Andhra Pradesh is set for another jolt. It’s candidate for the recent Tirupati Lok Sabha bypolls is preparing to leave the party. Yes. Former MP, Minister Panabaka Lakshmi is planning to leave the Telugu Desam Party. Her husband Panabaka Krishnaiah too will follow her.

Panabaka Lakshmi, who is a dyed-in-the-wool Congresswoman was never comfortable in the TDP. She joined the TDP ahead of the 2019 elections and got an MP ticket for herself and an MLA ticket for her husband Krishnaiah. But both lost badly to the YSRCP. Since then, Panabaka’s politics were in sleep mode.

When the Tirupati bypolls came, Chandrababu Naidu had announced her candidature without even bothering to take her consent. She was unhappy about this and was mentally never in the contest. Thus, she was a reluctant candidate. Even her campaign was a half-hearted one. The election result naturally went against her. Since the elections, Panabaka Lakshmi is completely inactive and did not even conduct a review of the election defeat in Tirupati. She is also not available to the party cadres.

The biggest tragedy for Panabaka Lakshmi was that she got an invite from the YSRCP to join the TDP not once, but twice. On both occasions, she refused to join the YSRCP. Now even if she wants to join the YSRCP, there is no welcome for her. The YSRCP does not need her anymore.

So, the question is where she will go after leaving the TDP. An unwelcoming YSRCP and an uninspiring BJP are the only two options available. Yet, sources say that she is determined to leave the TDP. Sources say that she would make the announcement once the current wave of Corona subsides. Panabaka Lakshmi all set to leave TDP

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Why is Panabaka very cautious on TDP Tirupati ticket?


The Telugu Desam Party is repeatedly saying that former Union Minister Panabaka Lakshmi will contest the Tirupati bypoll on its party ticket. Former CM Chandrababu Naidu and former Ministers of TDP have made this clear both within and outside the party meetings. There were rumours about Panabaka being not so keen on the TDP ticket since she might get a chance to contest on behalf of the BJP. It was because of this that she was silent and did not issue any statement on her candidature for the byelection till now.

Now, the TDP has once again clarified that there has been no change in Panabaka Lakshmi’s candidature. It was only because of her daughter’s marriage that she could not be accessible and not coming out before the people right now. Very soon, she will be starting her campaign and the TDP cadres are more than enthusiastic about this.

The TDP sent a senior leader to the residence of Panabaka and got her approval confirmed on the issue of contest. On the other hand, the YCP has triggered rumours that Panabaka might quit the TDP and contest the election on the BJP ticket instead. She played a key role and served as a minister before in the Congress Government at the Centre. Daggubati Purandeswari had also served as a Minister in the Congress Government but now she is with the BJP.

With Panabaka still silent on her candidature, the rumours are still spreading whether or not she will contest on TDP ticket. Crystal clarity will come only when rival candidates start campaigning. With YCP already indicating physiotherapist Gurumurthy as its candidate, all eyes are on Panabaka’s future strategy. Last minute surprises are not ruled out.

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TDP to field Panabaka Lakshmi in Tirupati bypoll


Former MP and former Union Minister Panabaka Lakshmi is contesting again on the Telugu Desam Party ticket in Tirupati Lok Sabha constituency. The bypoll is turning into a curious fight as the TDP is full of hopes of teaching a fitting lesson to the ruling party. As per indications, the BJP is also readying to field its candidate to test its luck. The BJP’s hopes are that it will have support from the Jana Sena Party.

Now, amid growing focus on the Tirupati bypoll, Chandrababu Naidu held a video conference on this with important leaders in the constituency. In this meeting, he has made it clear to the party leaders that Lakshmi would be the TDP MP candidate. He has asked all the party leaders and activists to make all out efforts to secure the victory.

With this, it is clear that the TDP has made the first move to make a strong bid to win the Tirupati SC reserved MP seat. Because of the predominant Dalit voters, the YCP emerged as the favourite in the last election. Balli Durga Prasad won the seat on YCP ticket. Following his untimely death, Tirupati is now going to byelection. The YCP and the BJP are yet to identify and select their candidates. Pawan Kalyan has not expressed his opinion on this as of now.

TDP leaders are confident that the rising atrocities have created an anti-YCP sentiment among the weaker sections and also backward classes. These segments would definitely give a rude jolt to the YCP’s over-confidence.

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Congress MP ticket aspirants to join TDP?


Political leaders cannot stay from contesting at the time of elections. The April-May is more tempting for them considering the stiff competition between the Modi and the anti-Modi parties. But the Congress biggies like former union minister Panabaka Lakshmi cannot stay away from contesting nor can they contest on Congress ticket which brings certain defeat.

Under such circumstances, the TDP is coming to an understanding with Congress to welcome potential ticket aspirants to join their party and contest. The same formula is now placed before Panabaka Lakshmi who is thinking of getting approval from Rahul Gandhi. Panabaka is very close to the Gandhi family and she is taking all precautions before taking a decision.

The TDP wants to field Panabaka in the SC-dominated Bapatla Lok Sabha constituency where she got good political connections. Both parties think this arrangement will be a win-win situation for them.

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