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Pittagoda Movie Review :


Pittagoda Review Pittagoda movie review

Pittagoda Review Pittagoda movie review


Pittagoda is a coming of age comedy entertainer of four good for nothing guys who spend all day sitting on the wall ! It’s a story of friendship and love set in Godavarikhani in Telangana state. Starring Punarnavi Bhupalam and thirty other new artistes, Newcomer Anudeep is the director.

“It is a two hour film about the life story of four youth,the hero’s love interest. There is no message as such. It is not an out and out Telangana film,but has a Karimnagar dialect.. The slang is very informal and warm” says Anudeep

Ram mohan of Uyyala Jampala fame producing this small budget movie.


Pittagoda is the story of Tippu, Venu, Nagarjun and Gnaneshwar who forms Godavarikhani strikers cricket team. With not many achievements in life, they spend time sitting on Pittagoda passing time. Hated by their families and their village, they decide to conduct a cricket tournament and earn fame. It is then Divya makes her entry into their lives and Tippu falls in love with her. The real problems start here because of the cricket tournament gets shelved and separates the friends. The rest of Pittagoda is all about what happens finally.


Pittagoda is a film with different flavour which has been blended with natural locations, new faces and fresh episodes. The introduction episodes have been extremely convincing which keeps up the expectations on the film. When the audience are left with much expectations, the film has been dragged because of many unwanted episodes. The most awaited flashback episodes looks extremely faked and it will not leave the audience convinced.

The director manages to irritate the audience much because of many silly concepts which leaves the film deviated. Every character will be designed with one accent however as time passes, a fixed accent has not been followed. The love story has not been fresh and it looks unnatural. The film dips completely after a strong introduction of the characters.


All the actors who played the lead roles in Pittagoda delivered out their best for the film. All the actors look as we have come across them in real life. The female lead too has been decent in the assigned role. All the other actors have been decent with their assignments.

Technical Aspects:

The music composed by Kamalakar has been decent. The re-recording has been decent and the dialogues of the film look outdated. The production values have been decent and the director failed to maintain the stability throughout the movie. He missed the much needed clarity.


Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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