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Manyam Puli Review : A Visual Treat


Manyam Puli Review

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

Some films donot have any story but they attract with a beautiful package. Filmmakers package a small story in a attractive manner. Generally Tollywood witness such films frequently. In malayalam story is given importance and characters will be shown in a powerful manner. However Puli Murugan turned out to be a reversal. Film’s story and screenplay is weak but the way it has been picturised is beautiful. This gave Mollywood movie lovers a new feel and went on to break all records. The film hit the screens in Telugu as Manyam Puli. Let us see whether Manyam Puli gave similar experience to Tollywood movie lovers or not.


Puli (Mohan Lal) is an expert in hunting tigers. He lives happily with his wife Myna (Kamalini Mukherjee) and daughter in the forest. Puli protects his villagers from the tigers and they lovingly address him as Manyam Puli. Daddy (Jagapathy Babu) eyes this forest for ganja and try to evacuate the village. He traps Puli to help him in his nefarious deeds. How Puli exposed Daddy’s true colors and how he saves the forest from Daddy’s illegal dealings form rest of the story.


Films on forest backdrop donot have much story. Manyam Puli too donot have any twists. Film is pretty ordinary. Many wonder how the film got 100crs in Malayalam. However the way story is narrated on silver screen attract all. Film has many action scenes which floors masses and Mohan Lal’s one man show powered the film. Film stars at break neck speed and with in half an hour one gets a feeling that they got value for money. Had entire film ran at the same pace, it would have become a silver screen classic.

However after half an hour Jagapathy Babu’s entry happen and from then on graph comes down.Scenes involving Mohan Lal,Jagapathy Babu and ganja irritate viewers. However during interval director showed his power. Second half too starts at very slow pace. Film drifts aimlessly but suddenly high voltage action scene comes and last 30 minutes take movie lovers to another level. Stunt choreographer Peter Heines is the film’s actual director. His scenes too the film to another level but the scenes in between them pulls down the film.

Had the director came with good story and screenplay,It would have become a great film.


The film is Mohan Lal’s one man show. One should watch only for Mohan Lal. It is not a easy thing to enact such breathtaking stunts at the age of 60years. One get to know why Mohan Lal is hailed as Malayalam Super Star after watching this film. Other roles paled in his comparison including Jagapathy Babu who came with routine villainy. Kamalini Mukherjee’s role will surprise all. She looked very old and Namita starred in a inconsequential role only for masses.


Film scores full makers technically. Photography is beautiful and one get to watch new never seen before locations. Photography elevated even more in action scenes. Background score is attractive. Director failed with his story and screenplay. Director sandwiched routine story in beautiful and powerful action scenes. Pre climax scenes test the patience of viewers. Those could have been edited. Film will attract B,C centres. Multiplex viewers may vote for it if they want visual treat. Over all one can watch the film once for Peter Heines stunts and for the action sequences involving Mohan Lal and Tiger. .

Telugu360 Rating 2.75/5

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