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133 more Telugu students from Ukraine return home


As many as 133 more Telugu students who were stranded in war-torn Ukraine returned home on Sunday.

Of them, 105 students were from Telangana. They arrived in Delhi from various neighbouring countries of Ukraine.

The students were brought to Telangana Bhavan in Delhi, where the state government officials made food and other arrangements for them. Telangana Resident Commissioner Dr Gaurav Uppal received and interacted with the students at Telangana Bhavan.

With the latest batch, the number of Telangana students who were evacuated from Ukraine rose to 595. Officials said 109 students had returned home on Saturday.

A batch of 28 students of Andhra Pradesh also landed in Mumbai on Sunday. With this the number of students from the state, who returned home so far, has gone up to 457.

Officials said they made arrangements for the travel of students arriving in Mumbai and Delhi to different airports like Hyderabad, Vijayawada, Visakhapatnam, Tirupati and Bangalore as per their choice and from there to travel by buses or trains to their hometowns.

The evacuation had started on February 26. The students from both the Telugu states have arrived by flights from Ukraine’s neighbouring countries. The flights had taken off from Bucharest (Romania), Budapest (Hungary), Rzeszow (Poland), Kocise (Slovakia) and Suceava (Romania).

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Telangana opens helpline for students stranded in Ukraine


With many students left stranded in Ukraine and waiting for help, Telangana has set up helplines in Delhi and Hyderabad for those seeking assistance.

The helplines at the Telangana Bhavan in Delhi and at the state secretariat in Hyderabad will help students and professionals from Telangana stranded in Ukraine, which is under military attack by Russia.

The helpline numbers at Telangana Bhavan are +91 7042566955, +91 9949351270 and +91 9654663661. The email id is rctelangana@gmail.com.

The helpline numbers at Telangana secretariat in Hyderabad are 040-23220603, +91 9440854433. The email id is so_nri@telangana.gov.in.

Chief Secretary Somesh Kumar has requested the Resident Commissioner at Telangana Bhavan to coordinate with the Ministry of External Affairs and to be in touch with the students/professional from Telangana to extend all possible support.

Telangana’s Minister for Industries and Information Technology, K.T. Rama Rao, has urged External Affairs Minister S. Jaishankar to ensure the safety of the stranded students.

Rama Rao took to twitter to appeal to Jaishankar to ensure the safety of Indian students in these times of distress, saying: “Have been receiving several messages from anxious parents of students. Hope Govt of India can work through diplomatic channels & reassure all Indians at the earliest.”

Students from both Telangana and Andhra Pradesh have appealed to the government of India and the respective state governments to ensure their evacuation.

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Trump was offered women during 2013 Russia trip: Ex-bodyguard


US President Donald Trump’s long-time confidant and former bodyguard has testified that he rejected a Russian offer to send five women to then private-citizen Trump’s hotel room during their 2013 trip to Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant.

Keith Schiller, while testifying before the House Intelligence Committee earlier this week said that he took the offer as a joke, CNN cited multiple sources with direct knowledge of the deposition as saying.

On their way up to Trump’s hotel room that night, Schiller told the billionaire businessman about the offer and Trump laughed it off, Schiller told the committee.

He testified that he stood outside Trump’s hotel room for a time and then went to bed.

The 2013 trip was at the epicentre of one of the most salacious claims in a research dossier financed by Democrats during the 2016 presidential campaign. The document alleged that Trump consorted with prostitutes during his time in Moscow — a claim the President vehemently denied, the Washington Post reported.

Schiller, who frequently accompanied Trump on trips, told congressional investigators that he saw no compromising, illicit or illegal behaviour by Trump while in Moscow.

The offer to send women to Trump’s room came after Schiller said he attended a meeting in Moscow with about 15 people to discuss details of the pageant.

Among those in attendance were Russian pop star Emin Agalarov and his father, Aras Agalarov, a business magnate with close ties to the government of President Vladimir Putin, the Times reported.

Schiller was also asked about a wide-range of issues, including meetings between Trump associates and Russians. He denied having knowledge of many of those interactions.

He also denied knowing about the deliberations around the firing of FBI Director James Comey, saying he was only called into deliver a letter with the news to the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

A White House lawyer familiar with the matter said that the White House “and fair-minded people are pleased that Schiller was able to debunk yet another of the false claims in the fantasy dossier funded by the DNC and the Clinton campaign and prepared during a time its foreign author worked closely with paid Russian operatives”.

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Trump era: House of Cards or the Russian roullette?

Donald Trump was fretting and fuming, but he did not fire as is his wont, at first. It was some 14 hours later that the POTUS found his tweet.

“It’s the single greatest witch hunt of a politician in American history,” he thundered denouncing the appointment of a special counsel to probe alleged Russian interference in the November election that made him President.

Only a week ago, Rod Rosenstein, his hand-picked second-in-command at the Justice Department, had recommended that he fire FBI director James Comey for “usurping” his superior’s authority in probing Hillary Clinton’s email scandal.

And now that very man had named Robert Mueller, who had served as FBI director for 12 years under both George Bush and Barack Obama, without telling him or attorney general Jeff Sessions first.

“I respect the move,” a blindsided Trump told reporters, again calling it “a witch hunt” and insisting “there is no collusion” between him “and the Russians — zero.” But then “I can only speak for myself”.

Rosenstein told lawmakers that he knew that the President was going to fire Comey any way — with that “Russia thing” on his mind, as Trump himself acknowledged later — when he was asked to write a memo a day earlier.

But it was no hatchet job, the prosecutor insisted. Trump had “sought my advice and input” and he had on his own concluded that “notwithstanding my personal affection” for Comey, “it was appropriate to seek a new leader”.

“I wrote it, I believe it. I stand by it,” maintained the career prosecutor affirming that “there never has been, and never will be, any political interference in any matter under my supervision”.

Rosenstein also shot down a media report that Comey had sought additional resources for the Russia probe before he was fired.

Democrats, who had their “shaken” faith in Rosenstein restored somewhat after the appointment of Mueller, now felt cheated with one lawmaker calling his briefing “useless” and another ruing the “loss of an hour” of his precious life.

Meanwhile, stories citing Comey’s friends started surfacing about a memo he had written after a “troubling” February 14 meeting with POTUS.

Days earlier Comey himself had affirmed that there wasn’t any political interference in his work. Yet his memo claimed Trump had asked him to ease his probe of sacked National Security Advisor Michael Flynn saying, “I hope you can let this go. He is a good guy.”

The “failing” New York Times, as Trump loves to call his home town daily, also suggested that Comey was “unsettled” by his contacts with Trump.

So much so that he wanted to blend in with the curtains in the White House Blue Room during an event. He was “disgusted” by a “hug” from the President there and considered White House people “not honourable”, claimed the friend.

But Trump denied that he had ever asked Comey to drop the Flynn probe with a flat “No, no” before ordering reporters to move on to the “next question”.

The media also went to town with a story that Trump had spilled highly secret intelligence to Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov and Ambassador Sergey Kislyak in the Oval Office a day after firing Comey.

Even as they acknowledged that they had seen no evidence of Trump-Russia “collusion”, Comey’s firing and his alleged spilling of secrets sent his critics salivating with several Democrats using the “I” word — Impeachment.

But it made no dents in Trump country with his passionate supporters caring two hoots about the revelations.

However, the “fake media” was not done yet. As Trump embarked on his first foreign trip, the Times fired another shot.

Trump, it claimed, had told the visiting Russians in the Oval Office that firing a “crazy” and “a real nut job” Comey had eased “great pressure” over the Russia probe.

His mouthpiece Sean Spicer did not dispute the story, but suggested Comey’s “grandstanding and politicising” Russian probe had “created unnecessary pressure on our ability to engage and negotiate with Russia”.

As the plot thickened, Robin Wright, who plays the plotting wife of the President in the popular political TV drama “House of Cards”, complained that “Trump has stolen all of our ideas”.

But it looked more like self-flagellating pundits and politicians were playing a dangerous game of Russian roulette with America!

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