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Active Producers Guild: Heaped up Problems


It is quite annoying and unfortunate to say but the majority of the producers in the Active Producers Guild are responsible for the current situation in Tollywood. Lacking unity among themselves, they called off the shoots of Telugu films starting from August 1st and are looking at possible solutions for the problems created by themselves. There was a debate that the actors will be asked to cut down their paycheque post-pandemic but it never happened. Most of the actors doubled or tripled their remunerations.

The over-enthusiastic filmmakers were not bothered and offered the quoted amounts for the actors. All these over-enthusiastic filmmakers happened to be the members of the Active Producers Guild. They were desperate of signing films instead of keeping an eye on the budgets and the business calculations. The early OTT deals had a clear toll on the theatrical market. This also collapsed the theatrical deals and distribution sector completely.

Not a single producer from Tollywood could object the hefty quotes made by the top actors. This is the real fact why the budgets have touched the skies. The actors are not bothered about the losses incurred by the producers. Most of them are taking their complete remunerations before completing half of the shoots. Some of them are blackmailing the producers that they would not dub for their part if their complete remuneration isn’t paid. Unfortunately, the producer just turned out to be a money-spinning or credit borrowing machine.

There is a reason for that too. In the past, when a producer was in talks with an actor, none of the other filmmakers would initiate discussions with the actor. But now, the filmmakers are just offering huge paycheques to sign films in advance before the discussed project commences. This is the best example for the lacking unity. Professional ethics are nowhere found these days.

One more biggest issue with the Telugu producers is that there are borrowing 95 percent of the film’s budget from financiers. A delay in the release would heap up the interests. The interests are occupying a decent portion of the budget. None of the producers are investing their money. They are relying on the amount from the financiers. Most of them aren’t aware but a section of producers are also throwing their personal expenses into their film’s budget. The expenses of their luxurious cars, parties and their family maintenance are added in the film’s budget. All these are making the film’s budget huge.

Producers like Dil Raju received a huge jolt from the distributors for Thank You. He did not receive a penny from the distributors. The situation would be similar for future projects if they fail to get the needed buzz before release. It’s high time for the producers to sit on the same table, discuss about the issues and work unitedly to stay for a long time.

Film production should be made with utmost discipline in the coming days considering all these factors. Else, Telugu producers will face many more problems in the coming future and longevity for a production house vanishes completely.

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