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Ms Sharmila! Will 2004 vintage strategy work in 2023?


How long will sentiment work? Normally, a sentiment will become a powerful political and electoral factor for one election or at the most two elections. Sentiments have pay by dates. Even Modi knows that Ram Mandir issue cannot get him votes for ever. So, he has dumped the issue. But, YSRTP chief YS Sharmila seems to think that sentiments are here to stay for eternity.

In 2003, which is a good 18 years ago, YSR had launched his game-changing Praja Prasthanam from Chevella in Rangareddy district. The yatra catapulted him to power in 2004. In 2012, his daughter YS Sharmila took out a 3100 km long padayatra in undivided AP from Chevella again. It was for her brother YS Jagan who was in jail. It managed to evoke sympathy for Jagan, who many felt, was jailed due to political vendetta. Also, YSR passed away in 2009, just three years ago. So, the memories were fresh and they helped her.

But, will a padayatra in 2021 have the same effect and evoke the same sentiments? Doubtful!!The last padayatra in the Telugu States was in 2018. That was in Andhra Pradesh not Telangana. YSR is largely forgotten in Telangana. Sharmila still seems to believe in the old symbolism. Her padayatra, which will begin on October 18 , will be launched from Chevella, the place whence her father launched his yatra 18 years ago. After all, the first time voters in 2023 may not even know what YSR’s Padayatra is.

Isn’t it time that Sharmila thinks of something new? Padayatra as a strategy is passé!! A lot has changed in the Telugu states. When the last padayatra was taken out in Telangana, it was part of the AP. Today, it is a separate state altogether. The pre-2014 idiom and symbolism may not work now. Hope Sharmila is listening to this.

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YSR Congress MPs to resign, begin indefinite fast on Parliament session’s last day


Stepping up the agitation on the demand for special category status for Andhra Pradesh, YSR Congress President Y.S. Jaganmohan Reddy on Saturday said that his party MPs would quit on the last day of the Parliament session (April 5) and also sit on an indefinite hunger strike at the Andhra Bhavan.

Hitting out at Andhra Pradesh Chief Minister Chandrababu Naidu, he accused him of resorting to theatrics which would yield him Oscar award in the best anti-hero category.

“Chandrababu Naidu has been very shameless to announce that his MPs would not quit as there should be some representative of his in the Parliament to save his skin.

“Our party MPs would resign on the last day of the budget session and march to Andhra Bhavan in New Delhi where they would sit on an indefinite fast demanding the special status.

“Across the state there would be relay hunger strikes by students at their respective university campus and at all assembly constituency levels by party cadre, youth other sections along with party state leaders,” he said while addressing a large gathering as part of the Paraja Sankalpa Yatra here.

“If all the 25 MPs quit en masse the amount of pressure being mounted on centre would be immense but Chandrababu Naidu has been trying to save his skin by asking his MPs to stay away from resigning,” he added.

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