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Congress back on the rails in Telangana


Ever since Uttam Kumar Reddy and Mallu Bhatti Vikramarkha took over the reins, there has literally been a total transformation of Congress in Telangana. The duo, both MLAs, have put the party back on rails. What is most visible in the party is the rare unity among the Congress leaders. Uttam is able to bring all the leaders together. Not a day passes without out the party organizing a dharna or rally or some protest in one place or the other against the ruling party. The Congress, in less than a year, has been able to weather the worst of its troubles arisen out of defeat in 2014 election and it is clear that it is on the road to recovery. Team Uttam made the Congress state leadership most mobile one.
The leaders are seen touring all the districts and mandals with one program or the other.


The party has concluded meetings in all constituencies that fall in the jurisdiction GHMC in order to keep the party fit to take on TDP and TRS in GHMC polls. The Congress is in the lead in the preparatory race to Warangal Lok Sabha bypolls. Uttam & Co has been successful in making every issue a rallying point to mobilize the workers. Normally, it is rare for any political party, which bit dust in the polls and lost power, to pull its act together in so short a period.The defection of D Srinivas, a senior leader, to TRS, has not had any impact on the party.

Gandhi Bhavan, the state party headquarters, has been abuzz with activities. Pranahita-Chevella, Osmania General Hospital, anti-cheap liquor, jobs, farmers suicides, Muslim reservations, corruption charges against ministers, Corruption in Kakatiya mission etc- everything has become a weapon in the hands of Team Uttam. He streamlined the system of spokesmen in such an manner that the party voice is heard uninterrupted.

Congress bubbling with enthusiasm

The massive dharna organized by the T-Congress on Wednesday at Vikarabaka bears testimony to the bubbling enthusiasm in the rank and file of the party in the state.The program received unprecedented support from the people as Congress had taken up right cause at the right time. The party added the demand for separate Vikarabad district to the list of the demands which included withdrawal of the proposal to scrap the approved design of Pranahita-Chevella. The leaders participated in the dharna include former ministers Sabita Indra Reddy, G Prasad Kumar,Sarve Satyanarana, Md Shabbir Ali, Ram Mohan Reddy, G Sudir Reddy, P Karthik, Bikshapthi Goud, Srisailam Goud, Lakshma Reddy, Sridhar, Malla Reddy, RR district Congress president Mallesh.


On Thursday, Congress organized a dharna against the proposed introduction cheap liquor by TRS government near Hayantnagar (pic.above). Former MLA Sudhir Reddy lead the Dharna. Reddy has become so active these days, he transformed LB Nagar into a Dharna Chowk of Ranga Reddy district.

Can this unity be sustained? This enthusiasm should not lead to agitation-fatigue in the party.

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OU student-JAC to invite Rahul to campus


Osmania University, the hotbed of separate Telangana  politics, is now training its guns on Telangana government. The student JAC of Osmania University is planning huge public meeting in the campus and it wants AICC vice president Rahul to address the student community which reeling under severe unemployment.

Rahul’s support to students and his entry into the campus is expected to take the campaign against TRS government to a new height.

Rahul Gandhi

For quite sometime, the Students have been unhappy with the TRS government. During the days of T-movement, the students had been offered a bright future by the TRS. Leader of movement K Chandraseakhar Rao assured a recruitment spree for  vacancies in the government. Telangana state has become a reality. But jobs remained a distant dream.

The government , instead of issuing notification, chose to regularize the services of contract employees, leading to violent protests by the students. It is almost one year, the TRS government  has not given  a single notification for the jobs which has worried the students and parents as they have been  preparing for the competitive exams for years spending huge money and precious time.

The students now want Rahul Gandhi to stand by their side  in their fight for jobs. According to Congress sources Rahul Gandhi is more than willing to interact with the students.Today the about 20  student-JAC leaders had a meeting with TPCC president N Uttamkuar Reddy at Gandhi Bhavan.

A team of students a leaving for New Delhi on August 6, to meet Rahul and to formally invite him to  the public meeting. Rahul is scheduled to visit Telangana on August 21 and August 22.


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TRS is scared of Rahul Gandhi: Uttam


Telangana PCC president N Uttamkumar Reddy said some sections in Congress were demanding that former speaker Meirkumar  be fielded from Warangal Lok Sabha constituency byelection as party candidate.

In a informal chat with media, Uttam said the names of former deputy chief minister Damodar Rajanarasihmha and former union minister Sarve Satyanrayana were also under consideration.

Stating that no final decision had been taken on the candidate, the PCC president said talks were still under way.

As part of the preparations for the Warangal bypoll,  party would organize mandal-wise meetings in the district from August 5 to August 14.

He accused TRS government of deliberately undermining the Indiramma Houses as the scheme was the flagship program of Congress government. ” We are organizing protests across the state,”he said adding that he would participate in the Huzurnagar program.

TRS government in Telangana was scared of Rahul Gandhi’s tour in Telangann and his proposed interaction of with student leaders  said TS PCC president N Uttmakumar Reddy.

He said  Telangana government was hurriedly issuing notification for recruitment various positions just because Rahul is slated to visit Hyderabad and other places in Telangana on August 21 and August 22.

Rahul’s tour had a salutary effect on the government, he added.

He said the former Sanga Reddy MLA Turupu Jayaprakash Reddy alias Jagga Reddy was scheduled to join Congress on August 17.

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