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Kanche collects decent figures on first day


Mega hero Varun Tej’s Kanche released yesterday, has struck the right chord with the moviegoers. Kanche’s narrative based on World War II, portrays the fences that differentiate people based on caste, religion and wealth.

The movie opened to packed houses all over. According to latest trade reports, the movie has already amassed nearly 2.05 Crores on its opening day – a decent number for a film made in a different genre. Varun Tej’s fabulous screen presence and his balanced performance, as a soldier and a lover boy, are the talk of the town. Due credit should be given to Director Krish for making bold attempt directing a film with a sensitive story-line.

First Frame Entertainment banner has produced the film and Chirantan Bhatt composed the music score.

Collections reports from all the regions in Andhra and Telangana.
• Nizam – 62 Lakhs
• Ceded – 33 Lakhs
• UA – 21 Lakhs
• Guntur – 24 Lakhs
• East – 21.2 Lakhs
• West – 16.3 Lakhs
• Krishna – 20.4 Lakhs
• Nellore – 6.6 Lakhs

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Varun Tej will not kill Adolf Hitler


Surprisingly I am not nervous says the handsome Varun Tej. He expresses his thoughts on his first day of shoot, his colleague Nikitin Dheer who played the antagonist and finally stresses that this film will reach all segments of the audience. “You are playing the new character, you don’t know what meter the director wants you in, till 4 pm I wasn’t called for the shot. I was in the caravan. The shot on Pragya and Singeetam Sreenivasa Rao was going on. The puja took place in the morning. I had the confidence I could pull it off. The believability quotient worked for me a lot, especially in Georgia, I did feel I was in a war zone. With Nikitin on a personal level we are good friends, he calls me bro. I had really good company in Georgia. I always wondered and behind Krish’s life to find out who would be doing the villain’s role. Intha stand out ayye character ee madhyana raledhu. Finally we locked Nikitin, he did Chennai Express, Jodha Gabbar, he is a known name in Bollywood. My dad said if someone short fought with you, it wouldn’t have looked good on screen, but it was awesome to see him be of the same height. My sister too when she saw the trailer, was quite blown away with his look and performance. In a couple of scenes he amazed me…especially his work in the climax is amazing. This film is definitely not a multiplex film alone. This has a story that will connect with all. There is a village part, a military part was shown in an easy part. This is a small story that happens there, Varun does not go and kill Adolf Hitler. It is a universal subject and sure all will like it.”

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Interview : Krish – My star in Kanche is the World War II


Krish is a rare phenomenon in Telugu cinema. Someone who really trusts the story he wants to say, deep in sub-text and philosophy while also binding that with commerce smartly. Most of his films, irrespective of success, you see his tendency to leave a unique stamp of his. The well-read, once US-bound director is only four film old having tasted reasonable results in Bollywood with the remake of Tagore. Now, he takes up a challenge of placing a strong story in the hands of young lead actors, Varun Tej and Pragya Jaiswal in Kanche. The film set in WWII stands amongst the most promising of the films this week and Krish guarantees enough of that, in an exclusive conversation withT360.COM

Balance between commerce and art

Commercial films means we have to attract people to the theatre and make money. I tend to balance between commercial films and sensibilities. My characters are rooted characters and I try to tell a story that is beautifully laid. There is a misconception of commercial films because of which I have been defined as a class director but I try to balance it out. My only problem is that I haven’t hit the bulls eye till now. I am sure Kanche will take care of that. It is easy to brand someone as a class director or mass director, but I might not be playing below the belt, the C centres. The World War 2 is one of the biggest incidents in world history, having 25 lakh people participating. At that time, I could have found 25 thousand stories that were never told. The driving force is to tell a story that I have never seen on an Indian screen. Only when I get really excited, I make a movie. Going into a territory that has not been attempted before always plays on mind.

On story being the hero in Kanche

Philosophy: I strongly believe that the audience is far more intelligent. But to take cinema to the next level, we need a star. My star in Kanche is the World War II. It has a love story, a simple one that plays against the backdrop. The man who played Thangabali’s character in Chennai Express, Eshwar Prasad also has an important role. When the film starts, Dhuppati Hari Babu meets Eshwar Prasad, they salute each other and want to kill each other. There is some old tale of rivalry. There is a love story as well as a male bonding. There are many layers to the story and we made sure, the flavour is not lost. The theme evolves on its own and we don’t try to preach anything. The evil forces create barriers, boundaries, in villages. But how we overcome all that with love is Kanche.

Playing careful with the budget and planning

It all boils down to budget. I had to re invent the way to do the entire pre production. The prospect of making a period film is always a herculean task but they say necessity is the mother of invention. We had to come up with all innovative ideas to make the system fall in place. I had to finish the film in 55 days and I did it faster than Gamyam. One day shooting would cost us 25 lakhs. There is so much detailing that went into even small things like a fruit store set in that period. It all involves money. In Georgia, there is a 12 minute war sequence. We dug trenches and that was not that easy. We took permission from Georgian government, military. Three months before, we had to dig trenches and bunkers had to be ready with tanks, boats, uniforms etc. We had a great theme. When you make and watch such films, you tend to value your freedom and the advancements made in science and technology. Just 10 or 15 years ago, we weren’t this advanced. Kanche is a small lesson we studied in history books but it is a lesson taught by history – to make sure there is no bloodshed.

How did the idea trigger?

While I was doing Vedam in Vizag, someone told me about Vizag bomb. A big bomb was flung and there was a ship that had goods in it during the World War II. Two bombs took off and the third diffused. It is true, we couldn’t have created it. (http://www.thehindu.com/thehindu/mp/2002/07/22/stories/2002072201240400.htm) After I announced this film, a Flight Commander called me and said that there were many world war 2 widows and still 18 families living there. I saw the acknowledgement paper that showed how much money was pooled and sent as expenses for the war. There are so many chapters in Indian history that people are not ready to talk about. For instance, the distribution of army fund between the soldiers during the partition. I would wonder how these 25 lakh soldiers left the country, how long they would have been there and if they’d ever returned.

On Varun Tej

He is not even in the good actor league but the great actor league. He is handsome and has honesty in his eyes. I wanted to do his first film but it didn’t happen. You shouldn’t attempt this film if you don’t have the money. I was keen that I should not ridicule it by making it look fake. I had also to do a balancing act (not to archaic and not too contemporary) in terms of music and had to extract such work from both the lyricist and the music director. Sai Madhav Burra has written great dialogues and art director Sahi Suresh created magic.

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Ideal runtime for Kanche


Crisp runtime is playing a big part for the success of the films in the present trend. Moviegoers are preferring to watch films which have less runtime and taut screenplay. These two factors are going to be crucial for Varun Tej’s Kanche.

The film, a war drama based on the true happenings of the historic World War II, is getting ready to release on October 22nd. With an ideal runtime of 125 minutes, the film will have a scintillating narration. Krish, the director for this film, is confident that the racy screenplay and the crisp runtime will help the film big-time.

Starring Varun Tej and Pragya Jaiswal in the lead roles, Kanche has its music composed by Chirantan Bhatt. First Frame Entertainment banner has produced it.

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Two medium budget films to compete with Kanche


With ‘Akhil’ out of Dussehra race, a bunch of films are now gearing up to test their luck at box office on October 22nd. Already, the makers of Kanche have confirmed that they will release the film on Dusheera.

Now, adding into the fray are a couple of medium budget films. One of them is ‘Raju Gari Gadhi’ which was directed by anchor turned filmmaker Omkar. The film, a suspense thriller, has Dhanraj and Danya Balakrishna in the lead roles. This is the second directional venture of Omkar.

Another medium budget film which is going to release along with Kanche is young actor Sumanth Aswin’s Columbus. Misthi Chakraborthy and Seerat Kapoor are the female leads in the film. R. Samala is making his debut as director with this film.

So, both Raju Gari Gadhi and Columbus will be competing with Kanche which is carrying positive reports in the industry circles.

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Gradual route to Sahi Suresh’s success


Thirty five years old Suresh Babu Katta is known as Sahi Suresh to industry people. Hailing from Madanpalli, with no background in the industry, it was his curiosity to be part of film sets that ensured his introduction to an associate art director Murali, later to Pekati Ranga and so on. The latest jewel to his crown promises to be Krish’s Kanche, a period film set during the World War II, essentially a dream scenario for an art director to work on. He took a lot of time to get noticed, but once as he settled down, he ensured great output in his role with limited budget films like Karthikeya, Venkatadri Express and Saroccharu. On the other front, when he has had scale on his side, he didn’t disappoint with Malli Malli and One too. His journey, as he unveils, is gradual yet intriguing enough, all in an exclusive conversation with Telugu360.com

How did the journey in cinema, specifically art direction begin? What were your interests?

I discontinued my graduation and shifted to films. Father would work in the irrigation department and we would move from place to place and finally settled down in Kurnool. While I was studying in Kurnool, I would watch many films, even from the 8th and 9th standard. I saw Bhairavadveepam around 100 times, it influenced and inspired me. At that time, I did not know there was something called an art department. We shifted to Hyderabad later and pursuing films became easier although I did not have any connections in the film industry. My parents insisted I study but my mind was fixed on this. I would read news reports of shootings taking place here and there in the city and would go to that place and merely watch the shoot progress. Once I went to Film Nagar too and in this process, was acquainted to Murali, an associate art director and my rapport with him improved. He introduced me to Pekati Ranga, an art director. I decided I have to work here in the art department. I recalled the art direction of Pekati Ranga who worked on Bhairavadveepam and luckily I got an opportunity to work with him in his team as an assistant, not an assistant art director. It was a big team and he was a busy technician and around 9 films were on sets at that time. My aim was to make him address me with my name and then I came to a position where I was given a chance to do art direction for a project individually. That’s how my journey in art direction began. I struggled to get work for three years as an assistant, that is to join his team.

What ensured your growth in the industry?

My friend Narayana Reddy, art director and me moved together for Chitram. Nuvvu Nenu, Family Circus, Okarikokaru, Yeh Dil and Bagireedha followed. With this, I got some recognition. Gemini Kiran introduced me to art director Ashok Kumar, who was the best in the industry. He helped in getting Shankardada MBBS, where I worked as an assistant art director. I worked with Ashok Kumar in a few films and even with Anand Sai and Bhupesh (Malleswari and Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu). Rajeevan who is now working with Trivikram’s project is a famous art director, and I got to work with him as an assistant art director for Oye. I got a call from Aswani Dutt who had plans to make me an art director for Saaroccharu. I was working at that time for Sakthi for which Anand Sai was art director. He saw my skill and talent and called me when I was doing 1, Sukumar’s film. I did 8 films as a art director. Karthikeya, Malli Malli, Beeruva, Venkatadri Express, Daguda Muta Dhandakor and Kanche.

Some memories from what you’ve worked on?

Sarocchara was done in low budget and I gave them good output. During the editing time, Chandoo Mondeti took me as art director for Karthikeya. We had to do it in a low budget and give a better output. It gave me a recognition, Garbha Gudi set was put up for Karthikeya. Then Gemini Kiran gave me Venkatadri Express. Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju was my next. Films are team work. It depends on the director as to how much he extracts the work from me. We too give our inputs. I always think I should give the best output but sometimes if you do the film within the budget, there is a risk of being called unskilled. One shouldn’t blame the art director for over budget, he does it according to the director’s requirement. If you see a rich couple going in a small car, does it look good? We find a better alternatives always and there are quite a few discussions. You have to give the requirement as per the character. Our films are unrealistic and have a look at other films like Marathi movie Court which reached Oscar nomination. The house sets on beach in Oye and Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju got flak for being deserted and solo on the beach but also got appreciation from certain quarters. After the film released a lot of people asked for the sets to shoot their film.

On surviving as an art director and if CG is a threat to their profession?

Art directors are great visionaries. They design to a great extent and only if they feel that the CG is necessary they recommend it. CG is very necessary, but not all films can be Rudramadevi and Bahubali. Digital technology can never replace art directors. Directors visualise the CG before itself and make the artistes perform, infact the demand for art directors will rise in the future. Venkatadri Express, everything was shot in RFC. We had to create different villages on one platform. In the office, we put up a map of Venkatadri Express, what time the train stops at each village and planned the film. Different images of each village was created, the shops, posters etc would be changed on the platform. Shakti and Anaganaga Oka Dheerudu gave enough experience. Sets which are not related to the story or scenes is not art direction. For example, if there is a death scene going on, it is not right to have bright colours in the background. The colours, objects divert your mind. Art direction many think is about colourful song sets and that is not at all true. People tend to think that way because we see a lot of commercial cinema. People are very smart and they know which set or location is being repeated. So we have to constantly be on our toes. Since we are going abroad, it is better if we choose a different country. Also, there should be a perfect coordination between DoP and art director. How much ever nicely you design, it is the cinematographer who elevates it. Director will be busy with other things.

How did Kanche happen?

I was doing Dagudamuta Dhandakor and Krish roped me in Kanche. He rose to great heights and has encouraged me too. Kanche trailer got me great compliments. Just not Georgia, we did a lot more in India to recreate history.

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Kanche audio launch postponed


Handsome Mega hero Varun Tej’s upcoming film Kanche is gearing up to hit the screens on October 2nd. The film traces the story of a soldier who participates in World War II. Creative filmmaker Krish has directed it and Rajeev Reddy is the producer.

The audio launch event which is expected to be held September 12th has been postponed due to some unknown reasons. The Makers are planning to release it on Vinayaka Chaviti which happens to be on September 17th. An official confirmation is yet to be received. Young actress Pragya Jaiswal is the female lead and Chirantan Bhatt is the music director.

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