TDP MPs extreme loose talk irritates Telugu people


CM Ramesh, Member of Parliament from TDP, is doing hunger strike for last nine days demanding setting up the steel plant in Kadapa district. But the ‘Deeksha’ was mocked by none other than our own members of parliament belonging to same TDP party. A video is circulating in social media now in which our honorable TDP members of parliament ridiculed hunger strikes, railway zone demands and emotions of Telugu people.

What is there in video?:

TDP members of parliament are seen discussing in a private room in that video. Most of the TDP MPs are seen in video. Avanthi Srinivas, JC Diwakar Reddy, Kanakamedala, Galla Jayadev, Butta Renuka, Ram Mohan Naidu, Maganti Venkateswara Rao, Murali Mohan and others are seen in the video. The video is not comprehensive and has just half-minute duration but still one can understand the ‘mindset’ of our MPs.

MP Avanthi Srinivas :: MP Avanthi Srinivas is heard ridiculing the demand for railway zone and Deeksha for the same. He was saying “Zone ledu, geen ledu”. He added, “Who will bother all these fasting and hunger strikes.

Murali Mohan:: As if this sarcasm of Avanthi Srinivas was not sufficient, Murali Mohan replied, “I am ok to do Deeksha for one week, because I want to lose 5 kg weight”.

JC Diwakar Reddy: : JC reacted in his own style, as he said ‘Let us have this gentleman (Avanthi Srinivas) do the Deeksha, he is our don.

Kanakamedala: : “If he (Avanthi Srinivas) does such hunger strike, we will have to join him Ram Manohar Lohia hospital on first day itself.”

MPs bursted into laughs with these comments. Galla Jayadev, also seen in the video but he neither spoke any negative comments nor he condemned others ‘mean comments’ but others seem to have been enjoying the conversation.

Reaction of those who watched this video::

First things first. These are the same MPs who told in front of TV channel cameras that they will not return from Delhi until they achieve Kadapa steel plant and other demands from center. Yes, these are the same MPs who fire salvos on Modi and other BJP leaders for ‘belittling’ the demands of Telugu people. And yes, these are the MPs who criticize political opponents (like Jagan and Pawan) for not supporting CM Ramesh’s Deeksha.

Avanthi Srinivas garu was saying so casually that ‘zone ledu geen ledu’. If he said same words in a frustrating tone, it would have been different case but the way he sarcastically told, will definitely irritate Telugu people.

And the utmost shocking comments came from MP Murali Mohan. Recently he was in controversy for saying ‘Venkanna Chowdary’. Even though those comments drew ire from people, many gave him a benefit of doubt as it is just a ‘tongue in cheek’ moment for him. But now saying, he will do Deeksha to lose 5 kgs of weight- is the heights of cheating people. It is seen as utmost disregard to the aspirations of people, who innocently think their representatives are doing hunger strikes for the sake of people who elected them. If he really wants to lose weight, there are several other methods, including the recently popularized Veeramachineni diet. Probably he should try them instead of fooling people in the name of Deekshas. We will have to wait and see how he justifies his comments now. Probably he is thinking, he will say sorry to people ‘in front of cameras’ once again and get away with this. But does he?

JC’s comments are not surprising as he looked same in front of cameras as well as in this private discussions. Recently elected MP (Rajya sabha) Kanakamedala seems to have lot of clarity on which hospital they should join if any of his fellow MP does such Deekshas.

Conclusion: :

Forget about people, these MPs seem to have no respect or sypmathy for their fellow MP, who is doing Deeksha for past nine days. Or is that Deeksha also fake one intending to cheat people. We are not belittling CM Ramesh Deeksha here, but that is the doubt one gets after seeing this video.

We have seen several youngsters committing suicides during Telangana movement. Fortunately, youngsters in AP never took such extreme decisions. But that doesn’t mean AP people are not serious about their aspirations. They have hopes on these representatives to achieve their aspirations. These MPs, if they are not capable of achieving anything (because the say -zone ledu, geen ledu), at least they should stop giving people all the false promises instead of fooling people in the name of “fighting in Delhi”, “Making parliament standstill”, “Will show the power of Telugu in Delhi”, “Will not return from Delhi until we achieve our demands” and other such crap!!!


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