TDP’s island of hope is sinking


Rajahmundry has been one island of hope for the opposition TDP amid the sea of YSRCP dominance in East Godavari. Even during the Jagan tsunami, the TDP had won both the assembly seats in Rajahmundry in 2019. In fact for the last three consecutive terms, the civic body is in the hands of the TDP.

But is the citadel developing cracks? Are the TDP leaders involved in so much infighting that the party is now staring at a bleak future? Political analysts say ‘yes.’ Rajahmundry has some of the strongest TDP leaders but the party seems to be stuck in the old mould. Rajahmundry rural MLA Gorantla Butchaiah Chowdary is one of the founding members of the TDP and is a many-time MLA. Rajahmundry urban seat is held by Adireddy Bhavani. Her father is senior TDP leader Kinjarapu Yerren Naidu and her father-in-law is MLC Adireddy Appa Rao.

However, the party is divided into two groups – one led by Adireddy and the other by Butchaiah. Both the leaders are trying to dominate one another and each one is trying to undercut the other’s influence. The situation is such that the party’s office near the municipal corporation has not been opened in months. The differences are so deep that the party’s city unit has had no president for the past few years.

If the same trend continues, the party would be further weakened in Rajahmundry. Isn’t time that some senior leader gets involved and brings rapprochement between the two factions. Though there are senior leaders like Yanamala Ramakrishnudu in the district, they normally do not try to get involved in Rajahmundry politics. It is about time Chandrababu Naidu sets the house in order in Rajahmundry.

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  1. Itta. Fightings. Chesukune. Congg munigipoyindhi. Yee vishayaminka ardham kaledaa yee vedavalaki. Asalu. NTR. Geli hi dear congress muta tagadalatho !


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