Tidbits: Bigg Boss orchestrating the game to save Varun’s gang of 4?


Bigg boss season 3 going strong with good ratings. Already the show completed 10 weeks and as of now 9 candidates are there in the house. Some candidates like Ali and Himaja who are already evicted are definitely stronger than candidates like Shiva Jyothy and Mahesh and yet they got evicted because of various seasons. One more observation by audience is that, the gang of Varun, Vitika, Punarnavi and Rahul is becoming strong in the house and some audience opine, Bigg boss team is orchestrating the game to save the candidates of this gang.

Gang of 4 – Varun, Vitika, Rahul and Punarnavi:

Right from the beginning, these four formed a gang and mingled only among themselves. In the initial weeks, Mahesh even poked a satire that, if someone has to join this gang, they need to have US Visa. Punarnavi used to mingle only with this batch and nominated several times by housemates because of this reason. Mahesh also told at one instance that(in the initial weeks itself), whatever may come, none of these 4 will be eliminated as Bigg boss saves them.

Vitika not into nominations for 7 successive weeks

Vitika is not nominated in last 7 weeks. Out of the 10 weeks, she was there in nominations only for first 3 weeks. She is not into nominations not because she is liked by all the housemates but the way nominations scheme is designed. For example, in some weeks, all the housemates get chance to nominate any two of the housemates. But some weeks, Bigg boss forms pairs and one of them must be saved and other must be nominated. Bigg boss formed the pair of Vitika with Ravi two times and in both occasions, Ravi came into nominations and Vitika got saved.

Punarnavi got easiest secret task and waiver from eviction:

In case of Punarnavi, Bigg boss seems to have gone extra mile to save her several times. Punarnavi got lot of negative feedback during initial weeks. That is mainly because of her “I am Ok but you are not Ok” attitude. The week when Ramya Krishna hosted the weekend episode, as per reports, Punarnavi was supposed to be evicted but she got waiver that week. Himaja after eviction gave interview to a channel and raised the same point. Even before that week, Bigg boss gave a simple task to enter a secret room without knowledge of housemates to get immunity for a week. That was the easiest secret task of this season.

Bigg Boss eliminated Rohini to save Rahul

The same applies to Rahul also who had too much of negative feedback in the initial weeks. As per the reports, the week during which Rohini eliminated, Rahul was having least votes but despite that Rohini was eliminated as Rahul-Punarnavi’s track was giving lot of footage to the show.

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However, Rahul transformed a lot later and earned good fan following and reached a stage where Bigg boss team doesn’t need to do anything specific to save him now.

Varun has good fan following

Out of this gang, Varun got good following and voting consistently since first week, probably because he was a hero. He didn’t do anything extraordinary in the house till now.

In recent interview after eviction, Himaja told that, Bigg boss team does try to save some contestants in the house at the cost of others, as the team itself told her after eviction. So, it looks like, Bigg boss team is orchestrating the game to save this gang at the cost of other housemates. We will have to wait and see how many of these 4 will be in finals.

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    • Orey lafoot, Rohini was in 3rd place, Shiva jyothy was in 4th place and Rahul was in last place that week. If you have any contacts with bigg boss team, you can check.. Bigg boss saved Rahul because he is giving ‘pulihora ‘ with Punarnavi. Rohini was sent out as Bigg boss want to teach lesson to all housemates that if they talk during nominations, punishment will be severe.

  1. motham 4 members sreemukhi ni traget oopdu chestunaru mundu alia ni small point tho nominate he taken in simple way but rahul punarnavi should go eliminated first only varun playing well kk now he changed is game also the vithika speak like double minded. And rift aproblem between the other house members as gossips and punarnavi thinks her self as thopu but nothing she is always feels bad ,and blames others if also there a mistake of her inthat this completely wrong now they should eliminate bigg boss doing wrong they should eliminate according to audience voyes now they doing that ali riza havw agression but he unferstand and controlling rahul he wont control and also the 4 members say always target rahul for his behaviour but ali also tough contander they also done that as they fear of ali game


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