TV 9 Ravi Prakash do or die battle with My Home Rameswara Rao


The battle of egos knows no limits. TV 9 Ravi Prakash is like a wounded tiger whose war will stop at nothing less than personal satisfaction. Now, he got the much-needed support from the Delhi powers. Being a popular TV news journalist, he has huge contacts everywhere. This is what corporate giant My Home Rameswara Rao failed to realise what can be the potential of the common man. No doubt, by comparison, Rameswara Rao is much taller figure than Ravi Prakash. But that is only till the Delhi powers favoured him and his protector KCR.

In the corporate war, Ravi Prakash has enough knowledge of inside irregularities to shake up the TV 9 new management consisting of Rameswara Rao and Megha Krishna Reddy. But, Rao used his influence with KCR and filed cases against Ravi Prakash who appeared to have lost the game initially. But the real game started now. The IT raids began on Rao. It is s seen as the tip of an iceberg. Rumours are that Ravi Prakash has got blessings from the Delhi powers. The TV 9 former CEO is expected to take the fight to its logical conclusion. He has already shared TV 9 internal information like use of black money with the constitutional bodies in Delhi. Right now, the common media man has got some upper hand over the new media moghul.

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