Viewers choice takes a toll in Bigg Boss Telugu-2


Bigg boss Telugu season2 is already failing to grab eye balls evident from tanking ratings.As if that wasn’t enough the makers attitude clearly shows they will either by hook or crook manage the show, even at cost of deviating from format.

Every week an inmate is evicted based on the votes they get from the general audience. Inmates with the least number of votes will be evicted. Viewers are fans of this format not the contestants. Housemates keep changing and the whole idea of bigg boss as iterated by Salman Khan and Tarak himself “viewers are the decision makers”. No inmate ever was given an opportunity to throwout another contestant apart from nominations. Tejaswi Madivada and Kaushal were given chance to eliminate contestants. If makers feel pain in getting count of every vote, they can use better technology from the money saved this season.

Already Nani’s script is clearly lifted from Twitter and Facebook, he is baised to Tanish. He is striking chord only with social media users not viewers at home. Now if viewers are not given chance to eliminate, what’s the point in seeking votes? The makers are evidently cutting the episode based on preconceived bias. They should run the shown without audience interference instead of blantantly making votes namesake. Bigg boss Telugu in its season 2 is turning out to be nothing less than a semi scripted show. The entire week revolved around couples and the tasks clearly showed the makers want to highlight only 4-5 people. The persons who are behind the camera also need better training on capturing moments instead of boring the viewers. Looks like the motto in the second season is “Anyhow votes do not matter as contestants will eliminate others and not just nominate. Viewers have to see what we show them”

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