Virata Parvam Is A Film That Will Be Remembered Forever: Sai Pallavi


Rana’s Virata Parvam is mainly the story of Vennela played by Sai Pallavi. The actress is aggressively promoting the film for the last ten days or so. She interacted with the media on Tuesday ahead of the media release.

Sai Pallavi says she is fascinated by the story narrated by director Venu Udugula. “That world seemed new. I had a feeling of going into a new world while learning about the conditions of the day. Now everyone is free. Even a car catching fire is a casual matter now. But back in those times, people were startled if there was an explosion even if they hear a noise. Director Venu Garu taught a lot about the conditions and times of those days,” she said.

The actress sounded practical while speaking about Sarala, on whose life this movie is based. “We really do not know all that happened at that time. I approached this as a story only. I only saw Vennela. Vennela is a very normal girl. Director Venu Garu wrote very wonderfully. My work was made easier because he wrote so wonderfully,” she said.

The actress is also in all praise for Rana. “I used to think of only certain things when I heard a story. But Rana has taught me how to raise the level of a story is what Rana taught. The selection of his stories is also amazing,” the actress said.

Sai Pallavi spoke high of about the film. The actress said, “The movie should live forever. We remember the good movies starring many legendary actors. Then the idea of whether it will be a commercial success or not will not come. We can not say which movie the audience likes and dislikes. When I was making a movie, I keep in mind that the audience should enjoy that movie even after I leave. Art is eternal. I want to make a movie that will last forever. Virata Parvam is also a movie that will be remembered forever”.

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