Who loses more by boycotting ABN? BJP AP or RK


Everytime, the BJP AP leaders criticised the Jagan Reddy Government, the ABN news channel and the newspaper have given very good coverage. The BJP would have very little to criticise the TDP since it is not in power. Now, after the ‘chappal slapping’ incident, the BJP AP leaders have announced their boycott of ABN Radha Krishna and his media.

By doing so, the BJP AP leaders are left with limited chances to air their views in the media. As it is, the Sakshi media is known for their one-way presentation of news. They do not give any weightage for the BJP AP leaders and cover their statements only when they criticise Chandrababu Naidu. It is nearly two years since Naidu was thrown out of power. Any more criticism of Naidu’s regime would not benefit the BJP much.

Moreover, the Sakshi media have no need to fear Somu Veerraju, Vishnu Vardhan Reddy and the like considering the fact that Jagan Reddy and his MP Vijaya Sai Reddy having greater influence with the BJP Delhi leadership.

Being a marginalised party with less than 1 percent vote in 2019, the BJP was not getting much coverage in the Eenadu, TV9, NTV and other media. Moreover, since Veerraju became BJP AP president, the BJP scaled down its attack on the Jagan regime which was another reason for the BJP losing its visibility in the media.

Unless the BJP starts its own media in AP, it cannot think of winning the next assembly elections here as per the wishes of its AP leaders.

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  1. సోము వీర్రాజు ఆంధ్రాకు కాబోయే ముఖ్యమంత్రి!! విష్ణు వర్ధన్ ఉప ముఖ్యమంత్రి!!!

  2. These BJP guys are really silly, some guy who came to debate throwed a Chappel on Vishnuvardhan reddy, who is not even win a panchayat seat and he says that it’s a conspiracy of TDP, why would they even try to defame you, who doesn’t even participate in elections.
    And again thinking to boycott a media channel is very silly

  3. ABN is flop channel.. No one watching this channel from long time..whats the point to discuss about it.. Now social media is fast enough to show the facts.. This channel outdated gimmics won’t work any more..

  4. Obviously. AP. Bjp. , it dont have credibility. And leaders like. Jvl, vishnu, somberi , etc are totally spoiling its image. First place it was. Mada, shah. Mada is the main by disobeying his own promises.


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