Why can’t you go “Reverse tendering “ way on Divis, Pawan asks govt


Pawan Kalyan’s tour to East Godavari district to express solidarity to those who are fighting against Divis pharmaceutical company is a huge success. The way he showed the speeches made by Jagan at the same place when he was opposition leader and questioned about breaking his own promises is applauded a lot by the local people. However, minister of industries responded to this and questioned why Pawan did not agitate when the original decision was taken by CBN. He also reiterated that the decisions related to Divis are all taken by former chief minister Chandra Babu naidu. Pawan responded to this and wrote a letter to the minister Mekapati Gowtham Reddy.

Pawan came down heavily on the minister and countered the argument of the minister that these are decisions taken by CBN. He reminded the minister that the government had reversed several decisions of the former government like Amaravati. He also reminded that the government did Reverse tendering on Polavaram. Then he asked, when the government can Reverse all other decisions, why can’t they reverse the decisions taken regarding Divis. He also questioned the minister why the government is not releasing those 36 people arrested for agitating against Divis. He also found fault with minister’s statement that Pawan is trying to politicise the issue. Pawan reminded that , it is Jagan who used this issue for the political benefits by saying he will throw the company into Bay of Bengal once he comes into power and now he is mum when the people are asking him to keep up the promise he had made earlier.

It seems Pawan Kalyan wants to pressurise the government on this issue further. We need to wait and see whether the government will release those 36 people arrested or not.

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