ABN YouTube channel damaging TDP with absurd titles!


In its over-enthusiasm to support TDP in Andhra Pradesh, the ABN YouTube channel is causing more damage to the TDP than benefitting it.

The channel is using misleading, irrelevant, absurd and ridiculous thumbnails for its videos which are being mocked by netizens on social media platforms thereby causing huge embarrassment to the TDP leadership.

These thumbnails are becoming a laughing stock on social media platforms putting TDP leaders and cadre in a fix.

For instance, the ABN YouTube channel’s videos on TDP chief N.Chandrababu Naidu’s visit to Delhi to complain against YSRCP activists attacks on TDP offices, with such thumbnails have become viral and being trolled heavily on social media platforms.

These thumbnails have Telugu captions which say “Simham la adugu pettina Chadrababu” (Chandrababu stepped in Delhi like a lion), “Babu Delhi paryatana pai YCP lo kalavaram” (YCP tensed over Babu’s Delhi tour), “Rastrapathi aagraham, AP lo paalana maare chance” (President angry, likely change in government, indicating that President may dismiss Jagan government), “Delhi lo ugra rupam chupinchina Chandrababu, vadilede le” (Chandrabu exhibits his aggression in Delhi, will not leave this issue”.

The channel flooded such videos with absurd titles and thumbnails which gave enough material for not only netizens to mock at TDP and Chandrababu but also opposition parties.

Even common people feel and question where was the need for ABN YouTube channel to give such a ‘build up’ for Naidu’s Delhi trip.

These videos have also become weapons in the hands of those people who are supporting YSRCP under the guise of journalists.

They took screenshots of these videos and thumbnails and made them viral on social media platforms to attack Chandrababu and TDP.

Even TDP’s social media wing reportedly feels that ABN YouTube channel is indeed more benefitting YSRCP than TDP with these ridiculous videos and titles.

But the ABN management seems to have turned a blind eye to this menace. They seem to be just focused on attracting more hits and more views to earn more revenues out of these videos.

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