Amaravati has not come from heaven: Minister Buggana


The non-stop all-round criticism is badly embarrassing the Jagan Reddy government on the issue of Singapore companies leaving Amaravati project and Concept Cities being proposed instead of developing the Andhra Capital City. YCP Minister Buggana Rajendranath Reddy gave his sharp reactions while Minister Botsa Satyanarayana kept silent this time.

Buggana sounded extremely harsh and bitter. He said that the Singapore companies talked about requirement of thousands of crores of rupees to develop infrastructure for their Start-up Area Project. Buggana said that AP doesn’t have such huge financial resources to build such big projects. He wondered why the opposition parties are making so much fuss about Capital City. In a very frustrated tone, Buggana said that Amaravati has not come from heaven and it’s not an immediate priority for the YCP government.

Buggana went on to say that they want to develop industrial corridor from Kadapa to Visakhapatnam. Buggana’s bold comments exposed the continued adamant attitude of Jagan Regime despite united attack by the opposition parties and negative response from the Modi government.

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  1. Chandra Babu had commitment to develop, bring industry, grow economy, generate revenue which current govt doesn’t even show a semblance of inclination for; cancellations, demolitions, withdrawals are not good for progressive governance

  2. Going by Bonkanna logic, poor people should not invest on education of their children if it is unaffordable for them as education may or may not bring returns only after 20 years.

    Bonkanna needs to go for mathematics tuitions. He says Amaravati is bigger than Mumbai including Navi Mumbai suburbs. Simple mathematics and search in google exposes lies of Bonkanna.

    Not sure why mainstream media is silent and not cross-questioning Bonkanna with facts. Lies must be exposed. Capital city slow progress and may need 40-50 years to develop is different from deliberately killing it in the budding stage.


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