Andhrajyothy decides to change Governor again


Andhrajyothy newspaper, well known for it’s pro-TDP stance, published an ludicrous article few days ago on AP and Telangana governor Narasimhan. Regular readers of Andhrajyothy might remember how many times this newspaper has changed Governor in the past. In the last 2 years, this newspaper made preposterous claims that Narasimhan is getting replaced because Mr. Naidu is not happy with him. However, the newspaper never mentions the fact that the central government decided to extend Narasimhan’s tenure as they feel he is competent to untangle complex issues between Telugu states.
Recent article has some very interesting claims. The paper quotes Arun Jaitley asking Mr. Naidu “What about your Governor?” The paper goes on to say that just because Naidu remained silent Governor Narasimhan is still continuing in the post. Further it goes on to say that if Mr. Naidu prevails upon the central government he is bound to get changed. Average reader is startled by these preposterous claims from the newspaper. If Mr. Naidu really has the sway that newspaper is talking about, why is he returning with empty hands from every Delhi visit? Hope AndhraJyothy is considerate to its readers and stops changing Governors whenever it wants to.
Andhra Jyothi on Governer01

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