AP BJP emerges top destination for Kapu leaders


For various reasons, the Kapu leaders in Godavari and Coastal districts have lost a clear political direction ever since the complete decline of the Congress party in 2014. Though the common members of the community are mostly with the Jana Sena Party, prominent leaders had a difficult time to choose their future careers.

Khanna Laxminarayana is one such Kapu leader who had a wonderful time while in the Congress. He later joined the BJP and served as its AP President. But he was removed and his post was given to another Kapu leader who is Somu Veerraju who hails from the Godavari districts. Though many Kapu leaders have joined the BJP, the general Kapu community mostly supported Pawan Kalyan and some of them Jagan Reddy in 2019.

Mudragada Padmanabham is another leader of Kapu community who stands in the forefront of caste politics in the Godavari districts. Today, Somu Veerraju has met with Mudragada and is trying to win him over under the BJP’s Operation Aakarsh. In the field level, Mudragada is seen not as a potential force. It is especially so after Pawan Kalyan has got the support of the vast majority of Kapu voters.

Ironically, even Pawan Kalyan is right now more or less with the BJP only. Whatever, for the Kapus, all roads seem to end with the BJP these days.

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