‘AP Fact Check’ to be Sakshi twin sister?


The Jaganmohan Reddy Government has announced the setting up of ‘AP Fact Check’ website. In this, the Government proposes to condemn any reports appearing in the media defaming the Chief Minister, Ministers and their decisions. Already, the YS Jagan family Sakshi media is doing everything possible to cover up and defend the Jagan Reddy Government’s policies and programmes 7 days a week.

The ruling party has come to a conclusion that only the Sakshi and a few favourable channels are not enough in the face of the aggressive onslaught from social media. Even the Eenadu and the Andhra Jyothi are coming out with biting stories on the outright corruption in various projects and also on the failures of the Government in projects like Polavaram.

Social media comments have become a major irritant for the ruling YCP. Now, the Government is proposing to condemn with proof all those deliberately defamatory comments and stories in the media and social media in ‘AP Fact Check’. Whenever critical stories appear in the media or social media, Sakshi is coming out with stories to defend the Government. Now, AP Fact Check is going to be more less an extension of Sakshi. As it is, there is criticism that many staff drawing salaries from the Government are indeed working for Sakshi. Doubts are arising whether AP Fact Check will end up being just a twin sister for Sakshi rather than serving its true purpose of giving clarity to the public on burning issues.

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  1. Ne sollu analysis vaddu
    Ne lanti lafoot gallu
    Only government meeda padi edustunnaru kada
    Anduke ilantivi
    Fake pedithe
    Daniki pakkana real news kuda pedataru
    Ne laaga single handed ga government meeda padi edavadam kaadu

  2. Fact checks like..

    1. Corruption in polavaram
    2. No progress in polavaram
    3. Corruption in R&R of polavram
    4. Corruption in Amaravati
    5. First car being ready in Jan 2019 is a lie
    6. Previous govt. borrowing 1.6 lakh crores in 5 years is very bad financial management. But the govt. doing that in less than 2 years is fine.
    7. All cases being filed on opposition leaders based on allegations but no strong proofs for any of them.
    8. ESI scam
    9. Saying completed Constructed Houses as not complete.
    10. Misleading progress on veligonda by reducing the work done by previous govt.
    11. Calling themselves the best controller of covid cases in the world when none of the leaders followed any guidelines.

    There is a very long list…

    All things whatever they were doing so far will continue just with the name of fact check.

      • After the current govt officially saying 71% is complete. You still want to argue to that there was no progress made by the earlier govt.
        Salute to your blind belief. 🙏

        Only happy if Polavaram completes.

        Current govt only said it would be complete in 18 months after coming to power. Due to change in vendor it got delayed. Now the govt asking for another 18 months to complete. Will be happy if it gets complete even by then.

  3. Be aware guys.. If any false allegations on Govt should be ready to go to Jail.. First this website author also should be cautious before publishing any false allegations on Government with out any proofs


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