AP to take Rs 1,860 Cr loan for school education


The Jaganmohan Reddy Government in Andhra Pradesh is bringing revolutionary changes in the school education in the State. Already, English education is introduced in the Government schools. Now, it has proposed to introduce the CBSE syllabus in all schools from the 7th class. For this, the infrastructure will be increased. The Government has proposed to take Rs. 1,860 loan from the World Bank to fund the new programmes in the school education.

The Government is thinking that the aided schools are not providing proper educational services to the students. Hence, it would be better to transfer the aided schools to the Government control completely. If they don’t want that, they should have to manage them completely under private control. It is the ruling party’s resolve to make every student in the Government schools to speak English fluently and rise to great positions in life.

The CBSE syllabus is being introduced to give a greater advantage for the students in both their higher education and future career opportunities. The CBSE syllabus will be introduced at all the 44,639 schools in the State beginning with 7th class. It is decided that the AP 10th class students will write the 2024-125 exams in the CBSE syllabus only.

Also, the Government has decided to get powers to allot 35 percent seats in the private universities in order to ensure justice to the students.

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  1. Remove reservations form schools.
    Select teachers based on their acedamic not reservations, govt schools will automatically get good quality education.

    Reservation for teachers,doctors shld be removed first.

  2. there has been zero progress in nadu nedu programs? all works are stopped.
    even cooks left and mid day meals food quality is horrible as accepted by speakers wife

    • Please bossu comments cheyathanikyina oka hadu vandala. If want to know the progress Please visit naadu needu website. He has already advised that the 1st phase works to be completed by end of this month.

      Private schools mafia is over

      • I did go to the web site some of links are also not working the other links have only some excels sheets. did you visit the website?
        many things jagan says but none happen in ground reality
        why is jagan giving free money to people who are studying in private schools if he so much interested in developing govt schools it is contradicting his own stand.
        do you how many degree and eng colleges have become bankrupt due to non payment of fee reimbursement
        all the works have been stoped and no one is coming forward to do govt contracts due to non payment of works done

        do you know govt has pending dues of more than 30000 cr to contractors including works done in nadunedu
        it is simple maths all this current govt schemes will end in one year as AP is already debt trap( taking loan to pay loans)
        ap govt income is 10000 cr
        ap expenditure emp+ pension= 6000 cr , social pension is 1000 cr loan EMI is 4000 cr
        outsourcing employee,asha,voluteers salary ==1000 cr
        other expenses like rents, electricity bills = 500cr
        total exp= 12500 cr
        there is -2500 cr per month just to meet basic needs
        I have not included money needed for schemes
        do you know govt has not paid for mid day meals
        do you outsourcing employees (including sanitation workers ) are not paid from 4 months
        do you know aryogya sri is stopped to pending dues by most of the hospitals?


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