AP24X7 criticizes other channels regarding coverage to Pawan’s yatra


It is known news that today almost all parties doing their agitations on Special category status fight. While TDP started bicycle rally in the morning, Pawan and communists started padayatra around 10 am and YSRCP MPs will start hunger strike later in the day. TV channels are covering all these incidents along with Lok sabha live. During all this, AP24X7 channel made some critical but indirect comments on leading media channels regarding Pawan’s Padayatra.

Pawan’s padayatra started around 10 am and all major channels showed the foot march program being started and later turned to other news and events. So obviously there was no LIVE coverage of Pawan’s padayatra in leading channels. AP24X7 cashed on this as it was the only channel who telecast the entire event LIVE. In fact they carried “EXCLUSIVE” water mark on the live coverage footage. One of the presenter from the channel even made critical comments that – “Though most of the channels say we treat all the parties equal and cover all of them equal, they didn’t cover Pawan’s padayatra fully maybe because they are biased. Most of the channels giving extensive coverage to Chandra Babu’s cycle rally and ignoring Pawan’s padayatra. It is only our channel who telecast entire event live in unbiased manner”. The channel also added, this event is just a teaser on how much crowd mobilizes if Pawan Kalyan comes on to roads and definitely this teaser is good hints on how big success will Pawan’s future events will be.

However, some disagree with AP24X7 channel’s argument. It is known news that recently Pawan went to that channel and launched the mobile app of the channel. If we consider that, this coverage is seen as token of gratitude from the channel to Pawan as AP24X7 focused only on Pawan and ignored demonstrations of other parties during that time. Also if the channel is unbiased, they should have covered all the parties equally instead of focusing on Pawan alone, they say.

Anyway one thing is for sure – Pawan did not enjoy the “Solo LIVE coverage of him on all channels” that he used to enjoy until a month back. Though some say it is because of bias of some TV channels, others say it is because – now all the parties doing intense activities as the elections approaching fast and so the channels have to cover the news and events of all the parties. Moreover, though these channels could not cover Pawan’s tour live, they gave good coverage later.

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