Ayodhya Temple in 4 months: Shah diversion tactic


The non-BJP ruled states are slowly stepping up their agitations against the Citizenship Amendment Act of the Narendra Modi government. Especially, West Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee has personally come onto the streets to lead massive protests against Modi Circar. Kerala government has also announced not to implement the Citizenship Act in their state. Amid these developments, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has brought their party’s favourite subject to the fore. He has announced that the Ayodhya Temple will be built in 4 months from now. With one statement, Shah has turned the attention of the national media to the long-standing temple issue.

The saffron parties are trying hard to suppress the rising agitations across the country against the Citizenship Act. PM Modi has also described these protests as the handiwork of the Congress and other anti-BJP parties. The BJP national leadership is making all efforts to prevent these agitation from spreading to other parts of the country. Political circles say that Ayodhya issue remains an evergreen mantra for BJP to provoke feelings along religious lines. Modi-Shah are obviously confident of overcoming the present crisis by making good use of this temple sentiment once again.

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