Bigg boss 5: Episode full of tasks


Today’s episode in Bigg boss is full of tasks. The sportsperson in the each housemate came out during the tasks.

Bigg boss divided the housemates into 2 teams on Monday . Lobo, Vishwa, Priya, Priyanka, Hamida, Annie, Uma, Sriram and Shanmukh were in one team that is called Eagles team while the rest of them are in Wolf team. After the nominations, Bigg boss gave a series of tasks to these teams.

Task 1: Pantham Needaa Naadaa

The first physical task of the season was “Pantham Needaa Naadaa”. The teams have to collect max battons and the teams fought vehemently during this task. Housemates hid the battons inside their clothes. Yesterday, Bigg boss paused the task and started second task.

Task 2: Saagaraa Sodaraa

During this task, teams have to stand in separate lines and split their legs. They have to extend as long as possible and whichever team stretches more will be the winner. This task was canceled by the Bigg boss as the captains of the teams could not come to an agreement about which team is the winner

Task 3: Aa Gattununtaava Ee Gattununtaava

As part of this task, each team was given a start point, finish line. As soon as buzzer is given, the housemates have to go one by one crawling sitting on the given board till the finish line. In this task, Manas team won the game.

Emotions during the task:

Physical tasks give lot of scope for emotions. During the task, Sriram, who had been maintaining low profile till now, showed his leadership qualities. He also didn’t hesitate to tell Ravi on his face that he is playing a safe game . Sriram was also seen massaging Hamida and a romantic thread seems to have been opened.

Lobo could not play the physical game well and he was seen crying for not being able to do justice for the game. Sweta was seen reconciling with Lobo.

Priya, who was seen behaving dignified till now, was seen challenging and fighting with Sunny. Uma, despite her age, was seen playing the game enthusiastically. Siri, though played well, irritated the audience.

Sunny was seen putting up aggressive posture while fighting with Priya and Siri. This is in contrast to the cool dude posture he has been presenting till now.

After all the three games, one task was won by Wolves team, one by Eagles and one was tie. So, finally, it was a tie between the two teams

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