Bigg boss 5: Who will be top 5 contestants


Bigg boss season 5 is inching towards climax. Now social media is full of debates on who will be the top 5 contestants of this season. Details as follows.

Who is at 7th position:

As of now, 7 contestants are in the house. Sriram, Manas, Priyanka, Kajal and Manas are in the nominations and one of these will leave the house this weekend. As per the unofficial votings, Sriram is at the top and Priyanka is at the bottom. It is more likely that Priyanka will leave the house this week unless anything dramatic happens that puts other contestants at jeopardy.

Who is at 6th position:

Out of the remaining 6, Shanmukh, Sunny and Sreeram seem to be enjoying the top 3 positions though the order may differ. This leaves Siri, Kajal and Manas at the bottom 3. Who out of these 3 will leave next week depends on lot of other things including the result of Ticket to finale task.

Another factor is that Siri is getting more votes when Shanmukh is NOT in the nominations as his voting is getting transferred to her. If both Shanmukh and Siri are nominated next week, whether Siri will get sufficient votes to be above 6th position or not is a big question.

Another factor is , if the makers of Bigg boss want to have 2 women contestants in the final episode, both Siri and Kajal may reach the finale irrespective of voting and in that case Manas is the most probable candidate to leave the house next week if he does not win the ticket to Finale.

Who are at top 3 as per voting?

As per voting, Shanmukh, Sunny and Sreeram are at the top 3 positions as of now. But if Manas wins the ticket to Finale, Sreeram may have to leave the house next week as Big boss makers may prefer to have 2 women in the grand finale.

Did Ravi give clue about Shanmukh winning this season?

Ravi was supposed to be the finalist of the season but was eliminated due to several reasons. While leaving the house, Ravi told Shanmukh that Shanmukh will win only if he leaves the house. This led to debate on social media whether the title is already fixed irrespective of voting.

Overall, as per the voting, at this moment, Shanmukh, Sunny, Sreeram, Kajal and Siri are at the top 5 slots. But this may change depending on the ticket to Finale task outcome and the performance of housemates next week.

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