Bigg boss: Hyper Adi hilarious comments on the housemates


As Nagarjuna is out of the station, Samantha handled the shown this weekend. Though her hosting is good, the overall episode was boring for most of the parts. But one part that stood out in the episode is when Hyper Adi passed some hilarious comments on the housemates. He entered the house as a detective who can read the minds of the housemates. As part of this task, he tried to evoke some laughs in the house and he was successful in his task

Amma Raja Sekhar: Hyper Adi compared Amma Raja Sekhar with Aparichitudu and explained various shades of him in different scenarios comparing with multiple personality disorder.

Sohail: Hyper Adi told Sohail was like Arjun Reddy initially but now became like Swathimuthyam. His conversation with Sohail was very entertaining.

Mehboob: He compared Avinash and Mehboob’s performance during Konte Rakshalu task. When Mehboob turned a good human from the monster, Adi observed, it looked like RGV directing Shankarabharanam.

Akhil: Adi passed sarcastic comments on his flirting with Monal. He also added that Akhil is reducing the burden for editors as he is always with Monal and editors need not look for different footage for Monal. This made the entire house burst into laughs.

Monal: Hyper Adi tried to evoke laughs by saying to Monal that his name Adi also starts with ‘A’. It is known news that she initially flirted with Akhil and Abhjit whose names start with ‘A’.

Divi: He praised Divi and compared her with Bhoomika in Kushi movie.

Noel: His comments on Noel were so hilarious. He told there are only three good people in the world, one is Prakash Raj in ‘Seethama vakitlo’, another one is Satyaraj in ‘Brahmotsavam’ and the last one is Noel in Bigg boss 4. He also poked fun of Noel getting huge elevation while going to jail.

Ariyana: Adi passed satires on her that he could make even RGV also fall for her and Avinash is nothing for her. Many have watched her interview with RGV that has gone viral.

Abhijit: He told when Akhil and Abhijit were fighting for Monal, it looked like a Prema Desam movie. But now, he added, Abhijit became director of that Prema Desam instead of being one of the heroes in Prema Desam.

Harika: Adi reminded her about her emotional blackmailing of Bigg boss and compared it with Brahmanandam requesting Nagarjuna in Dookudu movie

Lasya: He passed comments on Lasya and told that whether it is outside the house or inside the house, it is only Lasya, who will laugh for the jokes told by Lasya

Avinash: Hyper Adi told, after ‘why Kattapa killed Bahubali”, the most famous question in Telugu states is “What Avinash wrote on Sofa”, indirectly poking fun at Avinash-Ariyana romantic thread in the house.

Overall, Hyper Adi was successful in evoking a few laughs, in an otherwise boring episode of Bigg boss 4 today.

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  1. But this episode was best till now in BB4. ( I don’t see at all but yesterday I saw fully ,not much boating , must be you will write this got best ratings in 1 or 2 days )


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