Bigg boss: Sriram is the new captain


Bigg boss Captaincy task continued today as well. It started couple of episodes ago with the weight loss contest. Housemates were deprived of food and were given the task to reduce their weight.

In today’s episode, Swetha and Annie master pair selected Siri and Shanmukh pair as their opponents. Swetha and Anne won in the task and became contenders for the Captaincy task. Siri was seen disappointed for letting Shanmukh down.

Final three contenders:

After all the tasks are over, Bigg boss asked Kajal to name the top 3 pairs who lost more weight. Manas surprised the housemates as well as the viewers by losing 6 kgs in 2 days. Kajal announced Manas-Sunny, Swetha-Anne, Sriram- Hamida are the top 3 pairs. Later Bigg boss asked the each winning pair to select one out them who will contend for the captaincy task. Swetha and Anne tossed a pillow and Swetha won the toss. So Anne master gave the chance to Swetha. Hamida easily agreed to let Sriram contend. Manas and Sunny could not easily decide between them. But finally Manas gave chance to Sriram. With this, Swetha, Sunny and Sriram became the contenders for Captaincy task.

Captaincy task:

This task is not a physical task between the contenders but the housemates have to select the captain by vote. But housemates have to stab one contender whom they don’t want to become captain. Contenders campaigned for themselves among the housemates and also explained what they can do if they become captain.

Sunny was cornered:

Vishwa, Shanmukh, Siri stabbed Sunny and they told they did not connect with Sunny. Sunny disappointed with the reasons given by Siri and argued with her. He got emotional after listening to their opinions. Ravi, Priya and Nataraj too stabbed Sunny. Ravi commented that Sunny has no capability to command the housemates. Sunny was seen defending it. As it looked like Sunny was targeted by most of the housemates, it may fetch more sympathy votes for Sunny. As per unofficial reports, already he is in the top this week as per votes.

Hamida cleverly stabbed Swetha as she wanted Sriram to become captain. Priyanka and Anne wanted Swetha to become captain. Surprisingly Manas stabbed Swetha and supported Sriram.

Sriram is the captain:

As per the votes, Sriram became the captain of the house. But Sunny was seen highly disappointed with the decision of Kajal. Priyanka was seen supporting Manas.

Overall it was an interesting episode.

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