Bigg Boss Telugu makers need self-introspection after Sameer’s elimination


Sameer one of the shrewd contestant of Bigg Boss Telugu was voted out of the show on Sunday. This eviction came as a shock not only to the followers of the show but also to the host Tarak. Sameer was the second contestant to enter the house and the third contestant to be evicted through the nomination process in the very first season of the biggest Telugu reality show. He said that he hoped to stay for long but nonetheless he doesn’t have any regrets and has thoroughly enjoyed the experience.

The viewers and contestants didn’t expect Sameer to get eliminated. They anticipated that Kalpana would leave the house. In the past three weeks, Sameer got enough screen time compared to Kalpana, Karthika and Hari Teja. Even wildcard contestant Deeksha who entered the house last week, to generate TRPs, couldn’t shadow Sameer. He was one of the first faces to become meme on social media and his timing cracked up everyone.

But what went wrong? Did Sameer fail to generate TRP? Was he not controversial enough? Did he not provide entertainment? Why would the channel remove him if he is well-calculated?

Clearly, he received very less votes and was thus evicted. It was only about giving a missed call and not even SMS. Also, last week, Bigg Boss makers had a tie up with Google for online voting. It is not just the audience who are to be put on the spot for failing to vote but the makers are equally responsible.

Social media was under the obvious assumption that Kalpana will leave. Almost every poll on twitter showed the doors to the singer. But definitely the singer who is not so famous with the online audience must have received votes from the offline audience.

Most of the viewers were under the assumption that someone will vote for Sameer. It is similar to the situation where Mumait saved Archana and Balaji from the nominations hoping that Dhanraj will be saved by others. But ultimately Dhanraj got nominated. People also like Mumait hoped that Sameer will be saved by others but the actor couldn’t establish himself as anyone’s favourite.

If people have to vote, they should be constantly reminded that they have to do their job. There are no unseen shots or content that can generate curiosity among the viewers or give entertainment.

With Bigg Boss Hindi and Bigg Boss Tamil the unseen episodes and clips are put up on social media. The Hindi handle seeks votes by airing small clips and requesting voters for the contestants. At any point of time in a day there is definitely some new content or updates for the viewers and fans of the Hindi broadcast.

Bigg Boss Telugu unseen is aired at 10:30am in the morning which is obviously not prime time. The unseen episodes are in fact better than the actual episodes. However, these are not available on social media handles. There are one or two trailers or precaps that fail to keep the audience hooked to the show.

The social media handle also doesn’t promote voting aggressively. Neither their handle gives away information on voting trends nor do they seek votes. The twitter trends like #OppoBiggBossTelugu or ‘BB Telugu’ are just not enough.

The makers so far have been promoting only Tarak and were hardly promoting the show on weekdays. If we draw parallels between Bigg Boss Hindi season1 to Bigg Boss Telugu season1 – one should note that there is a difference of 10years. If the makers want to take off like season1 of Hindi, then the weekdays will definitely be uninteresting and monotonous. If a canny contestant like Sameer is eliminated any number of Deeskhas cannot help and less votes alone are not to be blamed.

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