Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7: Drama Unfolds in Nominations


Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 continues to captivate viewers with its engaging content, and this Monday’s episode was no exception. Nominations, heated arguments, and dramatic confrontations were the order of the day.

Nomination Drama:

  • Priyanka took issue with Prince, nominating him for overreacting during previous tasks and constantly claiming he wasn’t receiving the recognition he deserved. She also nominated Gowtham for mistreating Prince in a previous task.
  • Prashant initially nominated Teja for seemingly trivial reasons, which led Bigg Boss to demand more valid justifications. He also nominated Damini for her anger towards other housemates when they neglected their household duties.
  • Shobha nominated Shubhasree, accusing her of playing it safe after not being nominated for two weeks. Shubhasree initially resisted but eventually accepted it as part of the game. Shobha also nominated Rathika for her stubborn and selfish behavior in a previous task, which caused trouble for the entire team.
  • Amar nominated Gowtham for not participating in household activities and Shubhasree for similar reasons, prompting Shubhasree’s dissatisfaction with Amar’s comments. Teja and Sandeep joked about Shubhasree’s first nomination.
  • Rathika also nominated Shubhasree for the same reasons as Amar. She also nominated Gowtham, claiming he asked her to fetch hot water, although he argued that she had made similar requests, and he had supported her. This led to disappointment and tension between them.
  • Teja nominated Prashant for nominating others with seemingly silly reasons, accusing him of not understanding the nomination process. He also nominated Gowtham for minor reasons but expressed his respect for him. The nomination process saw both Teja and Prashant engaging in humorous and exaggerated actions, evoking laughter from everyone.
  • Prince nominated Priyanka in retaliation for her imitating and ridiculing him. He also nominated Damini, citing multiple reasons, including personal targeting.
  • Damini nominated Prince, referencing his statement to Nagarjuna that “I am not here to serve but to play.” She argued that everyone should contribute to household chores. Her nomination of Prince led to a dramatic and exaggerated reaction from him. She also nominated Shubha for her lack of involvement in household tasks.
  • Gowtham nominated Rathika for being overly self-conscious and causing a significant portion of the house’s problems due to her nature. He also nominated Amar.
  • Shubhasree nominated Teja for his outspoken discussions and Priyanka for her rude behavior during kitchen interactions.

Bigg Boss’s Twist:

The nominated contestants list included Shubhasree, Gowtham, Priyanka, Teja, Damini, Rathika, and Prince. However, Bigg Boss threw in a twist by granting Sandeep and Shivaji the power to swap one nominated person with someone not nominated. They nominated Amar and saved Teja.

As of now, it appears that Damini and Shubhasree are in the danger zone compared to the other contestants. The drama continues to unfold in the Bigg Boss Telugu Season 7 house, promising more entertainment and surprises for the viewers.

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