Bigg boss today: Heroes and zeroes


Bigg boss season 4 is going on with good ratings. Host Nagarjuna opened the show today saying the site got better ratings this week than the previous week. The audience felt happy seeing Gangavva recovering his health. One task that occupied today’s episode fully is the task of ” Who is the hero and who is the zero”

Before starting on this task, Nagarjuna reprimanded all the housemates for voluntarily nominating themselves for the eviction. In fact, the audience was also surprised by seeing the contestants not putting efforts to save themselves and and taking the nomination process easy.

Heroes and zeroes:

Nagarjuna asked each of the housemates to tell who is the hero and who is the zero in this house in their opinion. They have to name one person as hero and made them sit on a throne like chair. Also, they need to name one person as zero of the house, i.e. the person who is least eligible to continue in the house and throw them out through a psuedo-exit door.

Noel’s hero Amma and zero Sai:

Noel started this task and named Amma Rajasekhar as the hero for the entertainment in the house and also the modesty he is showing towards other housemates despite being a star director. He named Kumar Sai, wild card entry into the house, as zero. He mentioned the way he behaved during the nominations one of the main reasons for considering him as zero.

TV9 Devi’s scathing attack on Amma:

TV9 Devi called Ariyana Glory as hero and told she is taking lot of humiliation from other housemates and yet sustaining in the house. The reasons that Devi mentioned did not seem logical. It seems Devi just reciprocated Ariyana on her early comments that ‘Devi is the perfect person in the house’. She made scathing attack on Amma Rajasekhar and named him as zero. It is known news that Devi, Harika and Divi acted in Amma Rajesekhar’s comedy skit earlier. It seems she didnt like Amma Rajasekhar’s ‘low class comedy’ (in opinion of Devi). She went on to say she doesn’t care if he is a big director outside the house. Rajasekhar got shocked by her attack.

Lasya too attacks Amma Rajasekhar:

Anchor Lasya too named Amma Rajasekhar as zero. She found fault with her comedy lines and called they are mean. She called Gangavva as hero and praised her clarity of thought as well as her fighting spirit.

Amma Rajasekhar’s outburst:

Apart from Devi and Lasya, couple of more contestants called Amma Rajasekhar as zero. Amma Rajasekhar got offended by the way he is thrown out by the contestants. At one point every contestant named Amma Rajasekhar as zero. This made Rajasekhar cry and he requested Nagarjuna to send from the house before he loses all the good name he earned in his life. He told Nagarjuna that nobody in life threw him out like this. He also added the reasons that are taken by the contestants are not at all justified.

Avinash and Divi support to Amma Rajasekhar:

Later Avinash named Amma as a hero and praised him for entertaining the house. Divi strongly supported him and told, she also acted in the same skit in which Devi acted but she doesn’t find fault with the way he suggested using the cushions during the skit. She also added that, house would have been a hell without an entertaining person like Rajasekhar. Gangavva also named Amma as hero. At this point, Nagarjuna tried to convince him and said he has to take both positive feedback and negative feedback equally.

Overall, the entire task of ‘Hero and Zero’ revolved around Amma Rajasekhar. Other contestants who were named by the most housemates are Gangavva (in positive sense) and Karate Kalyani (in negative sense).

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