Bigg Boss tidbits: Kaushal, Tanish , Deepthi and Pooja in danger zone


Nomination process for eviction from the house is on and this week- Kaushal , Tanish , Deepti and Pooja were nominated by other housemates for eviction from the house.

Big Boss asked each housemate to come into activity room and give the names of two housemates for this week’s eviction. Roll Rida is Captain and so nobody can nominate him. This week, except Roll Rida and Geeta, all other names have been given by one or other housemate. However top 4 housemates who got more votes only have been nominated for the eviction. Samrat ,Shyamala, Ganesh and Amit were also proposed for nomination by some housemates, but they are not in final list of nominations as they got comparatively less votes than the top 4.

Just before the start of nomination process, Kaushal came to Tanish and told him , even though both of them are strong competitors to each other let us forget all that game now onwards and let us be brothers. Tanish, who used to nominate Kaushal most of the times, didn’t nominate Kaushal this week. It may be because of Kaushal’s gesture towards him before the nomination process. However once into the activity room , Kaushal nominated Tanish and in fact it was the first name he proposed for nomination.

All the nominated contestants are considered very strong candidates in the house. In Big Boss house strong candidates are getting nominated and getting evicted from the house sooner than the weak candidates. Compared to the ones who are not in danger zone, the ones that are nominated are definitely strong candidates this week. Audience are wondering if this trend continues, the weakest contestants only will be there in the Grand Finale after evicting all strong candidates from the house.

We will have to wait for the weekend to see who out of these 4 will get evicted from the house.

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