Can BJP choose between Pawan and Jagan?


There is lot of suspense now on whether Modi-Shah will approve abolition of AP Council or not. Immediate issue is that the BJP requires CM Jagan Reddy party’s support in passing bills in the Parliament. Already, YCP has supported several bills of the BJP in the past. YCP MPs will bring pressure on Modi to help in abolishing AP Council. But there is also the opinion that Modi-Shah are not altogether dependent on YCP in Rajya Sabha as well. They have got enough numbers now in the Upper House to pass their bills without support of parties like YCP. Already, Modi-Shah are not caring for Jagan Reddy which is why they are not giving appointments to him for over 3 months now. On the other hand, Jana Senani Pawan Kalyan may use his alliance with BJP to bring pressure on the Centre against Council abolition. Going by these indications, Modi Cabinet may not approve abolition.

Another speculation is that the BJP is not ready to pick up totally enmity with YCP at this juncture. The party is more interested to gain a foothold in AP politics. It wants to allow political crisis to deepen further till there is scope for implementing its strategies. In that case, Modi Cabinet may approve AP Council abolition bill. But then the BJP will deliberately cause abnormal delay in introducing the bill in Parliament. Some say it will take a year or two for passing the bill. Either way, Jagan will not benefit strategically except for his psychological satisfaction.

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