Chal Mohan Ranga Worldwide Closing Collections – Disaster


Chal Mohan Ranga Worldwide Closing Collections

Chal Mohan Ranga has ended up it’s run worldwide with a distributor share of over 8.50 Cr. The film is a Disaster as the worldwide theatrical rights of the film are valued at 20 Cr recovery is only 43 percent . The film has collected less than the hero’s previous film Lie, which had collected a distributor share of 9.95 Cr and that was also a disaster. Thus Chal Mohan Ranga ended up as the second consecutive disaster for Nithiin.

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Below are the area wise week Shares

AreaWorldwide Closing Collections4 Days CollectionsDay 1 Collections
Nizam 2.70 Cr2.50Cr1.09 Cr
Ceeded 0.75 Cr0.63Cr0.28 Cr
UA 0.80 Cr0.71Cr0.40 Cr
Guntur 0.48 Cr0.42Cr0.20 Cr
East 0.46 Cr0.39Cr0.18 Cr
West0.38 Cr0.31Cr 0.15 Cr
Krishna 0.59 Cr0.48Cr0.22 Cr
Nellore 0.24 Cr0.17Cr0.07 Cr
AP/TS 6.40 Cr5.61Cr2.59 Cr
ROI0.75 Cr0.74Cr
Overseas1.45 Cr1.40Cr
WorldWide8.60 Cr7.75Cr

Verdict : DISASTER

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  1. విషయం కనుక్కున్నాక అలాగే ఆ కరకట్ట కొంపకి వెళ్తారేమో.. చెక్ చేసుకో.. రాజంపేట std కోడ్ వాడి, ఎవడో కరకట్ట కొంపనుంచే చేశారేమో అని..

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    • ఒరే పెంట తినే కొజ్జా వెదవ నువ్వు పిత్తి దాన్ని ని పెళ్ళాం మీదికి నెట్టే రకానివి ర నువ్వు ని బ్లూ బ్యాచ్ , కొజ్జా లంజకొడకల్లారా ?


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