Coronavirus Row: Mad rush for OTT Platforms


The OTT platforms across India are getting immense response and the viewership reached new heights in recent months. With the coronavirus fever, the whole country is under lockdown and there is a mad rush for the shows across OTT platforms. Social media turned out to be a platform for debate and youth has been expressing their views about the best available shows on several platforms like Amazon and Netflix.

Right from the youngsters to their parents, everyone is now spending ample time watching different shows and films. Most of them who missed films in theatres prepared a checklist for the next three weeks to watch them at home. It is heard that the number of new subscriptions too took a rise after lockdown. Indians with smart TVs and the internet have access to YouTube which has lakhs of video songs and this turned out to be a favorite pass time for many. On the whole, OTT platforms turned out to be the new addiction for all ages in this tough time.

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