DGP writing counter letters instead of taking action?


TDP chief Chandrababu Naidu”s letter to PM Modi on phone tapping triggered a major controversy. Later, AP DGP wrote a letter to Naidu asking for evidence. Now, it is for Naidu to issue a counter. The TDP simply asked how the DGP could ask for evidence instead of initiating action to check facts. Mr. Naidu had made allegations of phone tapping by the ruling party to monitor movements of Opposition, advocates, journalists and social activists in the State.

Mr. Naidu termed it as laughable that instead of initiating action to verify facts, the DGP wrote a counter letter seeking evidence. He said that he had written many letters and submitted memorandam on false cases filed against TDP leaders in the past, but the DGP never cared to respond. Mr. Naidu had written his letter to the Prime Minister but the AP DGP wrote his reply. Naidu said it was now the bounden duty of the DGP to clarify what action he had taken against the culprits responsible for the attacks and false cases against TDP leaders.

Mr. Naidu asked why the DGP maintained a silence when he was obstructed during his visit to Visakhapatnam. First, permission was given for the Vizag visit but finally, hurdles were created.

The TDP chief said that even when he was going to visit Atmakur, the front gates of his residential building were tied with ropes to prevent him from coming out of his house. The DGP’s actions created such an action wherein he had to stand and read the law before the court. From the beginning, it was a habit of the ruling YSRCP leaders. In the past, they had tapped the phones of CBI former joint director VV Lakshminarayana. Now, even the phones of the doctors were being tapped. Eventually, the front line warriors were afraid of lifting phone calls of even their patients for fear of receiving threats. The doctors were not hesitating to come forward to give treatment to the Covid patient out of fear of harassment from the ruling party.

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  1. Who ever made similar allegations in the past, ran away to so called భ్రమరావతి . 🙂 Same story repeats now and landed in Hyd and making again allgations. Unfortunately, now there is no భ్రమరావతి . విషనరీ నాకేయకుడు

  2. అంటే బాబొరి లాగా.. గాల్లో కత్తి తిప్పి యుద్ధం చేస్తున్నట్టు నటించడం వాళ్లకి చేతకాలేదు.. అనుకుంటా.. అందుకే ఆధారాలు ఉంటె ఇవ్వండి విచారిస్తాం అన్నారు… మతి ఏమాత్రం ఉన్నోళ్ళకైనా అది అర్ధం అవుతుంది.. అర్ధం అవ్వలేదంటే…


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