Dil Raju is the new ‘Settlement Star’ of Telugu Industry


Like it has come out already, Gang Leader got fixed to September 13th and Valmiki moved to September 20th, averting the major clash. As Saaho is locked on August 30th and Sye Raa coming on 2nd October, only those two dates are the possible best for films to come up. But this postponement hasn’t happened so easily.

Today producer Dil Raju made the producers of both Gang Leader (Mythri Movie Makers) and Valmiki (14 Reels Plus) on either side of him to clarify about the release dates. He said, “On festival release, we will be allowing 3-4 films without any doubt, but on other non-festival non-holidays dates we don’t want two films to clash. Producers Guild will interfere to sort out release clashes”.

And the story hasn’t come to this climax so smoothly. Dil Raju is said to have spoken to unbending Harish Shankar and convinced him to give up September 13th. The star producer reached out to Varun Tej as well to speak about the issue and persuaded him about the losses one would see if these two films clash.

Without explaining the back story, Dil Raju articulated: “We will discuss and solve, no matter what the issue is. There is nothing like we will take action on the particular producer (or anyone) if they do come on a date we are opposed it. We will make the producer, director, hero understand how much money everyone will lose if two films clash”.

Understanding the whole subject, shouldn’t we award Dil Raju ‘Settlement Star’ of the Year award?

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