Drinkers can’t become Congress Party members!!


“I do not drink. I shall not do drugs and I shall not criticise the party in public!!” This is the undertaking that every Congressman has to give if he wants to join the party. This signed undertaking is a must for all the members of the party. Sounds shocking! But it’s true. The latest Congress Party membership drive would see all its members signing this undertaking.

The membership drive of the Congress Party will begin from November 1. The drive would be completed by March 31, 2022. Based on the membership, the elections to the district, state and national level , AICC chief would be elected. The new president would be elected between August 20 and September 20 next year.

Meanwhile, the netizens are trolling the Congress oath. They are lampooning the oath through comments, memes and satirical posts. Some were seen asking as to what will happen to those who are already members and are in the habit of drinking. Some said that what about those who take drugs.

Several netizens are lampooning the whole election process in the Congress Party. They pointed out that the Congress had an elected president only once in the recent history. The party already has a future president who is also a past president. When one already knows who the president is, why should there be a drama of elections, asked one netizen.

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