Exclusive: Producers Guild Takes a Crucial Decision


The Active Producers Guild called off the shoots of Telugu films and they decided to resolve the major challenges and problems of Telugu cinema. The most discussed issue is the remunerations of the star actors. Most of the stars of Telugu cinema tripled or hiked their fee after the pandemic. This is turning out to be a stress for the producer if the film ends up as a flop. The producers met several times and discussed about the issue in the recent week. None of the producers are ready to meet the stars and ask them to reduce their remunerations.

Hence, the Active Producers Guild came to a decision and they would not ask the stars to reduce their remunerations. The discussions are on about the cost cutting in other crafts and to prevent the wastage that is happening on the sets. Some of the managers have been playing games with the producers about the remunerations and the margins in the paycheques of actors,actresses and character actors. The Producers Guild is in plans to warn them on a strict note. The remunerations of the staff members of the actors and actresses will be borne by the respective actors and not by the producers, finalized the Guild. Some other discussions are going on and some crucial decisions would be taken and the strike is expected to be concluded before next weekend as per the recent developments.

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