Gabbar Singh comedian batch better than many other heroes?


This is the debate going on among fans of Pawan Kalyan now. After seeing most of the heroes, who used to say they are hardcore fans of Pawan Kalyan, shying away to support Pawan’s Janasena party.

It all started with actor Nikhil campaigning for TDP leader Prathap. Janasena fans questioned Nikhil in social media about his earlier statements that he is a fan of Pawan Kalyan. Later, Nikhil clarified that he is not supporting TDP party as a whole and he is not a political person but he just campaigned for his uncle. However, Janasena fans are disappointed with other actors like Nitin, Saptagiri etc, whose audio functions Pawan Kalyan attended without expecting anything in return from them. Many actors in the industry say, they are diehard fans of Pawan Kalyan but they didn’t even tweet in support of Pawan Kalyan at this crucial juncture – say the fans. At the same time, they are appreciating comedian team of Gabbar Singh movie, who are voluntarily campaigning for Janasena party as a token of gratitude for the name and fame they got from the Gabbar Singh movie.

Of course, the campaign by movie stars may not really help a political party get votes or seats, but fans of Janasena are just watching whether the previous statements given by those actors about Pawan matching their current actions or not.

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