Gopichand’s Seetimaarr Movie Review


Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

Tollywood actor Gopichand tasted success back in 2014 with Loukyam. He has been struggling for success and he pinned all his hopes on Seetimaarr. The film is an out-and-out commercial entertainer that is directed by Sampath Nandi. Seetimaarr also is set in the backdrop of Kabaddi. Gopichand and Tamannaah essayed the roles of Kabaddi coaches in this action entertainer. Seetimaarr released today across the Telugu states. Manisharma scored the music and Srinivasaa Chitturi is the producer. Here is the complete review of Seetimaarr:


Seetimaarr is the story of Karthik (Gopichand), a Kabaddi coach who trains aspiring girls from his town. His dream is to form a Kabaddi team and take them to the nationals in the sport of Kabaddi. There is a backstory behind Karthik taking this step. Andhra Team heads for the finals in Delhi and a local goon kidnaps the team of girls. The rest of Seetimaarr is all about how Karthik saves the entire team and the reasons behind the extreme step. Watch Seetimaarr to know about Karthik’s story and if the team of girls will end up victorious in the sport.

Sampath Nandi tried hard to come up with an impressive commercial caper around the backdrop of Kabaddi. All the conflicts of Karthik reach the Kabaddi team and the girls land into trouble. One can predict the climax after the lead actor’s characterization is introduced. The episodes between Gopichand and Rao Ramesh are well narrated and presented. Tamannaah gets introduced as the Kabaddi coach of Telangana. The action episode before the interval offers a perfect treat for the masses. The episodes of the Kabaddi team getting kidnapped and the thread of episodes are impressive.

The first half of the film is loaded with fun, a good amount of action and the Kabaddi episodes. But the second half of the film turns out to be a boring feast except some impressive episodes. The girls playing Kabaddi with the gang of the goon are shot well. The episode of Karthik convincing the parents of the girls to play Kabaddi is one of the major highlights of Seetimaarr. The second half of the film happens at a slow pace and it has enough flaws. The songs are shot well. The second half is focused on the search for the girls instead of the sport. The episode lacks a creative presentation. Karthik stages his hunt without the support of the cops. The climax is shot in an impressive manner and it ends on a predictable and happy note. Sampath Nandi reminded about Boyapati Srinu because of the bloodshed.


Gopichand impresses the audience as a Kabaddi coach and he looks subtle in the role of Karthik. He excelled in the action episodes. Tamannaah has an important role and she has a challenging role. Tamannaah also looks glamorous in the role. Rao Ramesh shines well as usual. Bhumika and Rahman have limited roles but they did justice for their assigned roles. All the other actors are decent.

Seetimaarr looks lavish and grand in every frame thanks to the DOP and the grand production values. Sampath Nandi was partly successful in mixing the sport along with the commercial elements in the right amounts. The film is a regular commercial formatted film that will appeal to the masses. Manisharma’s background score elevates the film well. The dialogues are good and the production values are grand. Sampath Nani succeeds partially in making Seetimaarr a complete commercial film.


Seetimaarr is a commercial film that is highly predictable and is a regular predictable flick. The first half is decent and the second half has its flaws.

Telugu360 Rating 2.5/5

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