Has media cracked BJP secret code?


Has the media found the key to BJP’s internal thinking and planning? Has it cracked the BJP code? Is it now able to predict the BJP actions with an air of certainty? Yes, say some key people in the media.

Normally, the BJP is like an iron curtain. The party’s internal goings-on never come out into the open domain. The party knows how to keep the media guessing and how to spring surprises. The party has achieved absolute surprise when it came to demonetization and Naga accord. Similarly, it has managed to keep under wraps the details of ministry formation and the allocation of portfolios. Even in the matters of internal security like the removal of Article 370 and Article 35 A, the party managed to keep secrets and surprise the media.

Ever since Narendra Modi took over, no minister is talking to the media. Those with deep media connections like Arun Jaitley and Sushma Swaraj are gone and the present crop of leaders in the BJP do not entertain the media. Modi has also not addressed many media conferences. He is also not in the habit of giving interviews as a PM. As a result, there is an invisible curtain between the media and the government.
However, it now appears that the media is now able to see through the BJP’s iron curtain and understand its thinking. For instance, it was able to predict the cabinet reshuffle in advance. It is another matter, however, that many of its predictions with regards to ministers and portfolios went wrong. But, it still managed to predict a cabinet rejig.

Similarly, it managed to predict the resignation of Yediyurappa as the chief minister of Karnataka. In fact, it was able to predict the exact date when he would resign and got it right. Analysts, however, feel that more than the media cracking the code, it is the BJP which has realized the importance of traditional media like the print and electronic media. So, the party is planning these leaks and is getting them broadcasted. The analysts say that post-Covid failures, the BJP feels that it needs to open up with the media to contain the damage. Hence, the party itself is leaking information about its programmes, they say.

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