High Court should initiate contempt against YCP MP: TDP


TDP Politburo Member Varla Ramaiah on Saturday appealed to the AP High Court to register a contempt case and give suitable punishment to YCP MP Nandigam Suresh for his insinuating remarks that TDP Chief Chandrababu Naidu was managing the High Court.

The TDP leader stressed the need for suspending the Lok Sabha membership of MP Suresh till the contempt case would be disposed and for the sake of upholding democratic values and traditions. The MP wrongfully stated that High Court orders were reaching 10 minutes in advance to Mr. Naidu.

Mr. Ramaiah asserted that the Dr Sudhakar case figured prominently in national and international media for the human rights violations involved in it and there would be no doubt that it would sound the death knell for the Jagan Reddy Government in near future. A day would come soon when CM and his party Dalit leaders would repent for having targetted, humiliated and injured Dr. Sudhakar in Visakhapatnam streets.

Mr. Ramaiah said that the voters of Bapatla Lok Sabha constituency were lowering their heads in shame for electing an MP who had no minimum knowledge on how to respect the judiciary and how to behave as a respectable parliamentarian. “As a fellow Dalit, I am feeling guilty. Even some Dalit leaders within the ruling party were secretly calling me to express their solidarity for the doctor’s cause. All Dalit organisations have successfully fought for justice in this case,” the TDP leader said.

Stating that Dr Sudhakar’s half naked photos appeared in a Britain newspaper, Mr. Ramaiah said that it truly reflected the low levels to which Jagan Reddy rule has stooped on a global scale. How can a citizen be paraded half naked with hands tied behind just for making some comments however serious they may be? In a park in Britain, a citizen was allowed to confront and express his displeasure against that country’s Prime Minister when he went for a walk there. The administrators shall have that kind of patience and commitment.

Mr. Ramaiah said that all Dalit sections were now thankful and indebted to AP High Court for upholding the ideals that Ambedkar preached for the basic rights of downtrodden sections. It was a great misfortune of the people of AP for having such an indifferent and insensitive leader as their Chief Minister.

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