How is Sonu Sood getting Covid medicines, vaccines when others are not getting?


Sonu Sood may be a saviour for many. He may have booked their travel tickets, provided food and helped financially countless people during the Covid crisis. But Mumbai High Court feels that their medical supplies are open to question. The court feels that they are unqualified to vouch for the quality of the medicines they are supplying to the people. Where are they getting these medicines, which are available in such scarce quantity in the country and how are they able to supply these drugs which are being distributed to the state governments only by the Central Government? Are they sure of whether their supply was illegal and if the medicines were not spurious? The court asked during the hearing on a clutch of petitions filed against Sonu Sood.

The court was also severe in its comments and sought to know if there was a parallel supply agency for the Covid medicines and vaccines? When the government is the sole supplying authority, where is Sonu Sud getting them, the court asked.

The Mumbai High Court had earlier directed the Maharashtra government to conduct a probe to find out how some politicians and film personalities were procuring drugs and injections for Covid-19 treatment. It found fault with a charitable trust and four directors of a pharma company for providing Remdesivir injection to Maharashtra MLA Siddique.

The police are now probing into how Sonu Sood and Siddique got the medicines. They said that actor Sood had got medicines from Lifeline Care Hospital in Goregaon. The company in turn got the medicines from Cipla company.

The court also took objection to Sonu Sood and Siddique projecting themselves as ‘messiahs.’ The petitions were filed against Sonu Sood and MLA siddique claiming that they had ulterior political motives in projecting themselves as saviours.

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