Is Jagan party seeking benefit out of Rs. 33,000 Cr? asks IYR


Ex Chief Secretary IYR Krishna criticised Chandrababu Naidu and supported Jaganmohan Reddy prior to the 2019 AP elections. But, ever since LV Subrahmanyam was ill-treated by Jagan Reddy, IRY became a bitter critic of the YCP. Now, IYR is taking objection to the Jagan regime’s revised cost estimates on Polavaram project.
IYR reminded Jagan Reddy how he and his party leaders said before the elections that the revised costs of Polavaram were aimed at benefitting the then ruling TDP leaders. Strangely enough, the YCP Government was requesting the Centre for approving similar revised estimates. Of this, over Rs. 33,000 Cr was asked only for the land acquisition and the R&R.
IYR asked the Chief Minister whether he was proving his own past allegations false by seeking approval for such a huge R&R package. Obviously, the YCP leaders were also trying to take benefits out of such a heavy package.
The ex CS gave a piece of advice to the Chief Minister, saying that he should give an explanation to the public before going ahead further on the Polavaram R&R package.

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      • The question is, are you clear that there was no corruption in asking Rs.33,000 crore for land acquisition and R&R, as pointed out by Jagan when in opposition.
        Do you agree that this was a mere allegation and there was no truth in it?

        • already Jagan gov saved 800 cr in reverse tendering and there is no straight corruption in polavaram . but 10000 acres of gov land is occupied . 2014 R&& 15000 acres of land showed as gov land and 0 acres occupied land but when it come to 2017 only 5000 acres of land and 10000 acres of occupied land showed . so who occupied that land with in 3 years . ha ha ha

          • Simple question, in the work done so far which is 70% did the govt. prove any corruption in the project work?

            You will keep quoting three indirect ones which are so easy to beleive people by bringing any vendor who has no real intention of doing it at the same speed. Future work just for the same of making a statement you can bring vendor at low cost, just to make people like you believe it.

          • it is very diff to prove. funds will go to contractor and contractor will pay back through hawala . one simple question to you why did CBN did not called any tenders for Big project like a Polavaram ?

            why did gov land got decreased from 15000 acres to 5000 acres and occupied land increased from 0 to 10000 acres in 3 years ?

          • Wow!! Listen to yourself. You are saying it’s difficult to prove even with authorities that there is corruption. But someone who is simply reading articles is very clear that there is corruption.

          • you did not answer any of my questions . Why did CBN did not called any tenders ?
            why did new contractor doing same work 880 cr less price ?
            How come occupied lands in R&R showing 15000 acres from 0 in 2014 ?
            if you have answers i will accept no corruption during TDP time . otherwise it is waste of time to discuss same thing again and again

          • Who said no tenders were called? The project was suppose to be done at 2009 prices in 2014. No vendor was interested to do at the old costs. But the current vendor was some how convinced. But the prices were already finalized by the center govt. How does it matter which vendor takes it up, when the prices are pre decided. Where is the scope for corruption if it happened at the cost approved by center?

            But you would not even try to understand all this. You want to blindly say there was corruption.

            Now even with the new govt. did any vendor come up to take up the project? No one . Again this vendor was somehow convinced. Center itself said there was no need of fresh tenders as it would delay .New contract was done by compromising on the type of turbines and few other cost cutting measures. And only to make people like you to believe that they saved money. But what got impacted was the progress as mentioned by the center. A protected which was suppose to be completed by now is standing at hardly any progress. Again the same time line of 18 months which was given 18 months back is being projected now. If the project was completed by now, it is worth much more than the saving you are trying to project.

            So here the interesting thing to observe is the current govt. is more focused on proving the earlier govt. wrong rather than the progress of the project. Which do you think is of value?

            What should a sensible govt do? Focus on proving their false allegations or making progress on projects which make actual difference to the state.

            I have no clue about R&R. Will comment after I learn more about it. Anyways, what is stopping the current govt in correcting that? Instead of that why is it asking for the complete 33k crores. It should have corrected and then asked the new numbers. What does that say? Anyway, Will wait for that to happen. You still have 3 years to prove.

          • Any way, let’s wait and see how well this new vendor will do at the reduced cost. If after 5 years if the new vendor only finishes 10-15% vs the older vendor who completed say 50%. Which was the better option?

            What’s the progress made so far with the new vendor? You don’t want to talk or show it to the people. Block people from seeing it. What an authentic way of doing projects.

  1. In the case of R & R, the cost goes with the passing of time. Also during TDP while projecting the R&R there was some thing fishy happened by including more area/people. Now the present CM said, he wants complete R& to those who will be submerged. Why not Centre implement this directly or centre through you, if they doubt on the integrity. policy and not central pockage During YSR regime the R&R package was state’s and thus the cost was less. By delaing the R&R, the cost is growing and also centre is delaying the payment and thus, further it goes up. The area/population to rehabilitated is less than that of TDP.


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