Jagan government’s biggest self-goal in Pawan’s Vishakha episode?


Jagan government’s stiff action against Pawan Kalyan’s recent Vizag tour is now seen as one of the biggest self goals by YSRCP government by the political analysts. Details as follows.

It is known news that YSRCP’s a political program in Vizag a day before Pawan’s tour didn’t get much public attention. The failure of such programs by ruling parties is anticipated for the obvious reasons. However, now no one is talking about YSRCP’s Garjana program as the entire political focus has shifted to Jagan government’s decision and actions in snubbing Pawan Kalyan and his political program. Jagan government’s attitude in this recent episode is seen as one of the biggest self goals by the YSRCP government for the following reasons.

Firstly, Jagan government confining Pawan to his room in the hotel and not allowing him to take part of Janavani program is unanimously condemned by various political parties. Narayana from CPI party and Sunil Deodhar from BJP party condemned YSRCP actions against Pawan. It is very rare in current political system in India to see left parties like Communist Party of India and right wing party like BJP taking a similar stand on any issue. This simply shows that Jagan government has stooped to do something that is unanimously condemned. It is known news that leaders from other parties like TDP also supported Pawan in this issue. Purandhareshwari, Somu Veeraraju and other BJP leaders connected with Pawan and expressed their solidarity to him in this issue.

Secondly, Jagan government deploying hundreds of police at Novotel hotel in Vizag is surprising the common people of the state. The leaked videos of hundreds of police at the hotel and thousands of police in the city make one wonder if there is a civil war like situation in the state of Andhra Pradesh.

Thirdly, Jagan government’s actions and the language of YSRCP leaders in this episode contributing to anti incumbency on the government. Especially, given the fact that Jagan himself has taken up several political programs like this when he was in the opposition. Even common people are seen questioning whether Jagan could have done his Padayatra if the ruling parties at that time had shown similar attitude.

Jagan government’s actions in this episode reaffirmed common man’s perception that Jagan and his government are always adamant when it comes to crushing their political rivals. Overall Jagan and his government’s attitude in this episode is seen as political self goal by YSRCP government.

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