Jagan grants 56 new BC Corporations for sub castes


There are widespread complaints that the existing SC Corporation, BC Corporation and Minority Corporation were not being given funds. Even the funds of the Brahmin Welfare Corporation were said to have been diverted. Now, CM Jagan Reddy is forming 56 separate Corporations for 56 sub castes among the backward classes. The parent BC Corporation is already suffering on account of lack of funds to carry out its financial and educational assistance programmes.

It is well known that the first one year Jagan Reddy has seen a massive erosion in the State revenues. Coronavirus lockdowns further worsened the situation. Even then, the Chief Minister did not relent on his Cash Transfer programmes. In view of the funds crunch, the funds from different programmes including those of the welfare corporations had to be diverted to the cash transfer programmes.

Because of arrests of BC leaders like Atchannaidu and Kollu Ravindra and also atrocities on Dalits, the Government was under pressure to prove its commitment to these sections. Now, 56 BC Corporations are being formed. Each BC caste with population above 30,000 population was being given a separate Corporation. These sub castes included Vannikula Kshatriya, Agnikula Kshatriya, Pulanati Velama, Besta and Eediga.

In a grand finishing touch, Jagan is earmarking more than 50 per cent chairperson posts of these 56 Corporations to women only.

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  1. Why 56. Why not. 151. , నిది కాకపోతే ఎంతైనా ఢికొచ్చు. జగ్లక్ గడు. దొంగ నాటకాలు ఆడుతున్నాడు.


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