Jagan meets NTV Chowdary, TV9 Ravi Prakash next


Jagan meets NTV CEO

Telugu360 exclusive revealed that Jagan convened a meeting with the CEOs/editors of electronic media at his Lotus Pond residence on Tuesday.

More and more details of these meetings are coming out from insiders now.

Jagan after Tuesday’s meeting, now started meeting Telugu media bosses personally. As per T360 sources, he went to NTV Narendra nath chowdary house yesterday evening. He requested support for his pada yatra. Before 2014, NTV Neilson org surveys in fact predicted Jagan to become CM and those survey results were widely telecast in NTV. NTV might have give good coverage for Jagan’s foot march as usual.

He also requested appointment with TV9 Ravi Prakash. As per sources in the know, he didn’t reply. Then Jagan tried reaching out to him through some common contacts. Interesting to see if he can audience with the CEO of the perennial ratings topper in electronic media. Interesting to note just an year back Jagan used to Pooh Pooh Ravi Prakash in his Sakshi channel. If one can recall, there was one “special program” in TV9 during (around) 2012 in which they thrown light on Lotus pond’s extravagance and they mentioned there is a bar inside this Jagan’s house and that has expensive imported liquor bottles. Then Konda Surekha and Shobha Nagi Reddy (then YSRCP leaders) challenged TV9 saying, “There is no bar inside Jagan’s house. He doesn’t drink at all. So TV9 has to either show bottles and prove their story is correct or say sorry to Jagan and shut down their TV channel”. They tried to ignore YSRCP leaders’ challenge but Sakshi reminded it every day in their channel and started even scathing stories on TV9. One of their “Special story on TV9” alleged that in South Africa, TV9 is illegally telecasting without proper permissions from the government there and Sakshi has all the evidences. TV9 had given explanation for that incident and told that they are not violating any government law anywhere. Then again, in a Public meeting Jagan told – “one more “R” joined anti-Jagan camp now, that is “Ravi Prakash”. Previously it was only Ramoji and Radha Krishna”.

Now all this is the past and Jagan is trying hard to get appointment of Ravi Prakash. We have to wait and see what more unfolds!!!

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